Tommy Joines

04/24/1934 –


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  • Visitation
Date: 11/11/2019
Time: 6:00 pm
 – 8:00 pm
  • Funeral Service
Date: 11/12/2019
Time: 1:00 pm
 – 2:00 pm


Tommy Joines passed away on November 7, 2019. The family will host a time of fellowship and remembrance from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Monday, November 11, 2019, at Lake Ridge Chapel and Memorial Designers. We will celebrate his life of 85 years at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, at Cotton Center First Baptist Church.

Tommy was born in Caddo, OK and moved to the Slaton area in 1944.  He graduated from Wilson High School.  He married Beverly Jane Reynolds and they began their 67-year marriage in the Slaton, Texas area. He worked as a milkman and that equipped him with many funny stories.

He was given the opportunity to farm in the Cotton Center area at the age of 30.  His operation continues today with the help of his loyal farm hands, friends, and family.  Tommy impacted several by serving both on the Golden Spread Electric Coop and South Plains Electric Coop boards, of which he recently retired from after 39 years of service.  He taught his family to be humble and not boastful, to always work hard, and to strive to be your best.  He was loved very much by his family, friends, and colleagues.  His right-hand man of 52 years, Tony Castilleja, was like a brother; and together, most problems were solved with a simple calculator and a turn row.  He will be remembered for how joyful he was, for his love of sweets, peaches, pecans, and especially the pleasure he received from aggravating his grandkids.  Everyone will miss his contagious laugh.

He is survived by his two sisters, his wife, two daughters, six grandchildren, and six-great-grandchildren and they will all be lost without him.

Survivors include two sisters, Don Evelyn Fondy and Anna Jo D’Elia; his wife, Beverly; his two daughters, Robin Heath and Karen Weaver and husband Ken; six grandchildren, Mikey Taylor, Cody Heath and partner Sean, Jenn Heath-Beene and husband Matt, Julie Heath-Blair and husband Logan, Candace Parmenter and husband Michael, and Katee Garza and husband Chris; six great-grandchildren, Michaela Taylor, Jaden Taylor, Jason Taylor, Kamdyn Taylor, Jett Beene, and Vivienne Parmenter.

He was preceded in death by his parents, W. T. and Bernice Joines.


4 thoughts on “Tommy Joines”

  1. To: Aunt Beverly, Cousins Robin and Karen,

    It is with fond memories that I remember my Uncle Tommy today. I can still here his laughter and remember how he always had something funny to say. Even when he finally let me start driving the tractor at the farm and the first thing I did was take off and run right over one of the neighbors mail boxes he never showed any anger or got mad at me. I can remember sitting in his pickup listening and laughing at the tapes he had of comedians. My most favorite memories as a child were spending time on the farm with all my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. My sincere condolences go out to my Aunt Beverly, Cousins Robin and Karen and their family. As my job will take me over the skies of West Texas on Tuesday I will carry the fond memories of my Uncle Tommy with me now and forever.


    Richard V. D’Elia

  2. I have never loved and respected anyone more than I did Tommy. There was never a dull moment when he walked in to see me. I am going to miss him so dearly. May you all know that he touched my heart in more ways than one and I am better for knowing him. His kindness and his laugh was contagious. Life will never be the same without sweet Tommy. May God be with each of you in the days and years to come. You are all in my prayers.

  3. Mrs. Joines, I am so so sorry to hear of Tommy’s passing. I loved visiting with him in the John Deere house and with both of you eating fish of Fridays! He will be missed by so many! My life was blessed by him and I loved him! God Bless you in this time and always!

    Sherri Henley

  4. David Witherspoon

    Tommy was larger than life in a lot of ways. He had a wicked sense of humor and when my parents brought us to Lubbock to see William and Berniece, we always spent a lot of time at the farms, Uncle William would always get us up and head that way before daylight and it seems like we got home close to sunset but we were never bored nor did we ever feel like we were a nuisance (as boys can be) at any time. Tommy and William made us feel at home.

    I have many memories of our time in West Texas and will share a couple.

    My Mom and Dad took us out to Slayton one time to visit and they had a huge flood. We were house guests for about an extra week. There was so much water in the road that they had to use a tractor to go to town. You know what, IT WAS AWESOME!!! we were out in the middle of the road and had a makeshift swimming pool. LOL

    As we all knowTommy’s humor was infectious. I remember one afternoon we had to drop a tire off at a service station/ grocery store where he obviously came in a lot and he and the attendant were friends.. This was back in the days where the attendant filled your tank.
    The attendant was by himself and asked Tommy to stay around and answer the phone while he filled another customer’s tank. No sooner had the attendant gotten out the front door that the phone rang. Tommy immediately answered the phone and in a nervous, almost anxious sounding voice said “Check’s in the Mail!”. He never broke stride and acted like things were really tough. After messing with whomever was on the phone he finally fessed up and told the customer the attendant was outside and he was asked to answer the phone. When the attendant came back inside there was quite a ruckus for a few minutes and then everyone had a good laugh. To this day, I have thought many times of answering someone else’s phone with the same line but I’m not as gutsy as Tommy.

    Underneath all that good natured humor was a very intelligent, caring, and competent businessman, He was truly humble and had a way of mixing business with comedy that was a very special gift. I remember him saying “A fellow has to take a chance now and again” and I’ve taken his advice repeatedly.

    Beverly and the Girls,
    I know he will be sorely missed and I want to thank you all for making us feel so welcome at your home in our childhood years..
    We will be praying for you guys.

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