Say yes to our reliable and high-quality cremation services.

Here at Lake Ridge, we understand our neighbors’ need to find a trustworthy cremation provider. We are the only firm in Lubbock with a crematory inside our funeral home. This unique feature lets us ensure your loved one never leaves our care. We guarantee a thorough and professional cremation process every time, so your family will feel at peace about your loved one’s final disposition. We practice ultimate transparency and encourage families to stop by our funeral home for an in-person tour of our state-of-the-art crematory.


Choosing cremation doesn’t limit your options.

Cremation offers families in the Lake Ridge Community access to the same services as traditional burial. When you choose cremation with us, we’ll help you arrange a visitation, reception, or a personalized memorial service. Our trained staff members go to great lengths to ensure your loved one is handled with care and treated with respect. Our secure, on-site crematory is reserved for the families we serve and outfitted with the latest security cameras so you can be sure you receive your loved one’s cremated remains.


Cremation With Confidence™

As part of our Cremation With Confidence™ guarantee, we follow a rigorous 10-step process for every family we serve. Our qualified staff handles every detail, from the initial arrival to the placement of the cremated remains in a preselected urn. We have an intimate ceremonial room that’s adjacent to our crematory so family members can witness the cremation and send their loved one a final farewell.



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