Planning Ahead


Discover the benefits of preplanning.

It can be difficult to think clearly while you’re grieving a loss. Planning a funeral after the death of a loved one can involve making stressful decisions on a short timeline. Making prearrangements can help relieve some of this anxiety for your family and loved ones. They’ll likely appreciate that you took the time to put your final wishes in writing and feel peace of mind knowing they’ll be carried out to your exact specifications. You’ll experience the certainty of knowing your plans are in a safe place and will be available when they’re needed.

Save money when you preplan.

When you put your wishes down in writing with us, you have the option to prefund your service. Prepaying at Lake Ridge relieves your family of the financial burden and can help you avoid paying extra should fees increase later. For your convenience, we provide multiple payment options so you can find one that fits your family’s budget and needs.

Update your preplanning details as often as you need.

We realize that life changes all the time. Your end-of-life preferences may also shift. When you preplan with us, you can make edits to your file periodically as needed. You can also transfer your policy from other funeral homes to ours.  Simply contact our staff, and we’ll be happy to assist you with whatever you need.

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