Grief & Healing

Helping You Move Through the Grief Journey

Everyone’s grief journey is different. Guiding Grief™ was created to offer unique perspectives on grief. While this private resource library can never replace therapy or a support group, these 27 videos and the companion guide are a great starting place.

Guiding Grief™ was created to help those faced with loss care for themselves and make decisions while grieving. Guiding Grief™ is the perfect gift.


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Our care continues beyond the funeral

At Lake Ridge Chapel & Memorial Designers, we support our families at every stage of the process, from the initial consultation and planning to after the funeral has ended. Our compassionate staff regularly researches the latest studies and information on grief to better help families navigate the grieving process. We can connect you with the best counselors, resources, and grief support groups in Lubbock and offer continuous grief support and education for our Lake Ridge Chapel community.

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