Sharad Mittal

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Sharad Mittal, 80 years of age passed away peacefully surrounded by his family on March 26, 2019.

He is survived by his wife, Shanti; children, Alok and Shiva of San Jose, CA; Manish and Vanita of Jaipur, India; and Dr. Piyush Mittal, Covenant and Dr. Neha Mittal, Texas Tech/UMC of Lubbock, TX; six grandchildren and extended family. His gift of unconditional love will belong to us forever and we wish to fulfill all his dreams.

We’d like to thank you all for your support for our family, we feel so loved. The prayer ceremony and viewing is Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 6 p.m. and funeral services on Friday, March 29, 2019 at 10 a.m. at Lake Ridge Chapel and Memorial Designers in Lubbock.


50 thoughts on “Sharad Mittal”

  1. Sunil kumar Jain

    Papa, you were a strong willed person. You will be always remembered for your deeds. Sudden and big loss.

  2. Mamaji,you are alive in our hearts. You have been the one to mould our lives and we shall do our best to keep your dreams alive.

  3. Rajendra Arya Delhi

    Mittal saheb was an outstanding personality in all spheres of life. He amply demonstrated his qualities of leadership, acumen business, humane, perseverance and lovable person laced with wit and humour. I drew a lot of inspiration from him. प्रभु पुण्यात्मा को अपने श्री चरणों में स्थान दें ।

  4. प्रभु पुण्यात्मा को अपने श्री चरणों में स्थान दें ।

  5. Sunita -Kapil Sogani

    ?Our prayers with this almighty to rest his soul in peace in his heavenly abode .??

  6. Dear TauJi, you had a special place in our hearts and life. No one can fill this gap.
    I am what i am just because of you.
    You will be alive in my thoughts forever ..??

  7. Dilip Kumar. Agarwal

    You have been a great source of inspiration for me personally and the way you guided your entire family to reach peaks in their careers. We will all miss you badly. May almighty god rest the soul in peace . You will remain in our thought for ever.
    Dilip Agarwal Bangkok

  8. परमानन्द सेठ

    ईश्वर उनकी पुणयात्मा को शान्ति प्रदान करें एवं शोक सन्तप्त परिवार को साहस प्रदान करें!ॐ शान्ति !

  9. Bhai saheb brought up the whole family even at the cost of personal and bhabhiji,’s discomfort and has been an inspiration to all of us .
    He planned and worked to build the career of his children and the children of the extended family with selfless spirit
    May his soul Rest In Peace

  10. I and my wife shocked to hear the demise of our beloved Bhai Sahab.May his soul rest in peace with God.I remember his last visit at Sonia’s house where he hugged me with love and affection and said Chhotey I will meet again or not. The moment was very touchy to my heart and there were tears in my eyes and I said Bhai Sahab Aisa kyon kahete ho. I remember his all moments when he was dealing with me as his own younger brother.May God give strenth to whole family specially to Shanti ji ji to bear the irreparable loss.

  11. Mousaji I really will missed you very much.
    Aap hamesha yaad rahenge!!! Aap ki yad laughing girl khana sadev mujhae pranaana deta rahega. Mausaji aapki jaise punya aatma bahoot kum hoti hai .Aapki aatma kou sadgurunaath maharaj ki kripa sae shanti
    Wah Mokash prapati hogi aisi bhawana meri hai.
    Om Namah Shivay
    Sadgurunaath maharaj ki jay

  12. Great lose may his soul rest in peace he is a very strong man and bless us from the heaven too become like him …rajeev from lucknow

  13. Half the time I and Shalu were at mausi’s house back home and as soon as we heared mausaji coming we use to sneak out and go home. We were scared!!! Memories …..
    Away from home (India), after meeting mausaji mausiji Neha Piyush and family I never felt we don’t have family here. Always giving advice like my mom would. Happy, not to forgotten memories!!!

  14. Sanjay Naithani

    Great loss , we in RIICO will miss his dynamism and energy . Rest in peace our beloved senior officer .

  15. Chachaji you are a legend and will always remain alive in our hearts and memories. He touched the lives of each and everyone he met and had so much love to shower. May God give strength to our family to bear this loss.
    May his soul rest in peace

  16. Our heart felt condolences for the family.
    May the divine give you enough courage and strength to bear this irreparable loss.
    We stand by you in this difficult time.
    We pray for the departed soul.
    Rajender & Shashi
    Lokesh & Komal
    Family of Poonam

  17. Dr Mohit Chaturvedi

    Uncle your presence is so strongly entrenched in our growing up memories. Each one of us piyush’s friends looked up to you for guidance, advise, and of course a benchmark to what we wanted to become in life. You were a don at your work and the strength of your personality and the self confidence you demonstrated made you our idol. I genuinely thought you wil fight out even this ordeal, but it was not to be.
    Your vivacious laughter, warm presence and kindness will always remain with us uncle.
    May you rest in peace.

  18. Dear Mamaji!! It is very hard for me to accept that u r no longer around ne anymore.
    U have always been a strength n a pillar of my life, where consciously on unconsciously I always fall on, u made my life will always owe it to u.
    I love u n respect u from the bottom of my heart n u will always be there in my heart.
    May his soul Rest In Peace ???

  19. Meetu Bahadur & Deepak Bahadur

    We are very sorry and very sad. We are praying to Respected Mausa Ji’ soul by my God..

  20. You have been our father ,our mentor, the shoulder I could lean on anytime. Your presence in our life shall be missed. Bhaisaab, no loss an be bigger than losing you, but I will continue to feel your blessing han on me always. May your soul rest in peace.

  21. Nana: Smart, strict, shrewd, hardworking and a loving family man. I have quite a few fond memories of nana: see him running around for his work, his distaste for Karela juice, his love and care for my family, taking me to a Taco Bell trip, his invaluable knowledge and guidance…the list goes on. I rue that I couldn’t talk to him well one last time before his unexpected departure. Rest in peace nana. You will always be in our minds and hearts.

  22. Sanjay monisha Negi

    At this difficult time in your life, we pray that God will grant you the peace that you need to get through this. Sincere condolences!

  23. We deeply regret the sa demise of Sharadji Mittal Manak and Gayatri deeply regret the loss We were privileged to have your blessings since our marriage when you came to Mathura we pray all mighty God to give courage to Shantijiji and all members of family to bear this loss to whole family
    Manak Gayatri

  24. May God give the family ,strength to bear the loss. Our heartfelt condolences.
    Om shanti.

  25. Dear tauji, you were the man of noble qualities, we all learned many things from you. You will be remembered forever.

  26. Dear Mr. Mittal,

    Where do I began? I am at a devastating loss. You were such a fine, caring and kind gentleman, a great friend and mentor to many, with an absolute heart of gold. When I came to know you 4 and 1/2 Years ago I never thought I’d be writing a farewell letter to you, but here I am…. we cannot change destiny.
    You loved your family first and foremost, always striving for success in each of them, always speaking that education was the most important part of life. Their accomplishments are evident of their successes . Your family will continue to do many great things, carrying on your legacy. You always spoke to me about Vanita and Manish coming to America one day and you wanted me to share my knowledge of our work with them…. you have my promise that this will be done.
    You told me stories of your childhood and your life in India as a young man, many interesting stories that I will never forget. You did so many impressive jobs in your lifetime. I saw you work so hard every day. Moving about so quickly, keeping your mind strong. You shared your Indian culture and traditions with me and I shared American culture and traditions with you. Sometimes we agreed to disagree. Through it all we understood each other well. We built an unbreakable bond and a trust that I will cherish for all the days of my life.
    You loved your UPS Stores and your UPS family, not only our immediate staff, but colleagues within the UPS Store franchise, and in turn we loved you. You taught me many things in the 4 1/2 years that I have worked with you. You were my mathematical genius, You always found my mistakes. You and I had a vision,a dream…. to build The most successful UPS stores in Lubbock Texas. Always remember that your dream will be achieved and fulfilled .
    Boss…. We will miss you. We will honor your legacy and continue your dream. He will be my forever friend…..I love you Mr. Mittal.


  27. We should celebrate Sharadji’s life. He lived a fulfilling life and enjoyed working till the end, workaholic he was . He was totally committed to his family, keeping track of everyone, making sure that all his grandchildren are at right track, providing support to them as and when necessary. I met him only last year when he took me round of Texas Tech. He proudly showed me his UPS store. I could feel that he had a sense of achievement in that. Whenever I talked to him on phone from here, he promised me to visit London soon. Alas, that day would never come now.

    Sharad ji, rest in peace. You have left worthy sons, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren. Your memory would remain alive in everyone’s heart.

  28. To Mr. Mittal’s family, I have appreciated working for Mr. Mittal because he was more than a client. He became my friend. He was forthright and honest. I appreciated his focus and directness and caring. Above all I recognized how important his family was to him. He told me this and demonstrated his caring in his words and actions. He helped me open my heart to other cultures in a new way. I will miss him. I pray for each of you as you mourn his loss.

    Lydia Eubank

  29. Michelle Thompson

    I did not know Mr. Mittal very long but I do know the love his family has for him. He has an amazing legacy in his children and grandchildren.

  30. Mr. Mittal

    It was a honor and a privilege to be able to care for you all these years, you were always very kind and treated me like family. I will miss you dearly.

  31. Sharad and Seema gupta

    We are saddened by the loss of one of most dynamic persons in our extended family. May God rest your soul in peace, Jijaji. Om. Shanti Om.

  32. A strong pillar and foundation of this family, may God give all of us courage to bear the loss and continue his legacy.. May his soul rest in peace!

  33. My deepest condolence ??
    As the days continue to pass, I hope you find comfort and support in the people that surround you and the wonderful memories you carry in ur mind and heart

  34. Dadu god may have taken you away from us but he could never take away your memories. You will always be remembered no matter what. Your presence , love and kindness will be with us forever. May god give you eternal rest. You will always be missed. A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended to heaven. I can never forget this day, may your soul rest in peace.

  35. Mausaji
    You have been a great source of inspiration for me personally and the way you guided your entire family and I always concentrate the way you talk and your will power , and the way you explain to reach peaks in their careers. I personally will miss you badly. And i am sure the persons like you and your soul will go to heaven and You will remain in my thought for ever.
    Om Namah shivay
    Sadgurunath maharaj ki JAY
    Nitayanand mahan
    Aap hi hou Nityananad
    Joy hai subsae Mahan

  36. Dear Mamaji.. You will always be missed.. Your motto of family first is what we live with..

  37. Dear mittal family
    I have known you since my earliest recollectable memory from my childhood in bapu nagar where you were our neighbour .
    Mittal uncle as our family would say मित्तल साब changed the defination of a neighbour to a family.
    He was a fatherly figure to me and piyush as we were no apart. So it is a such a emotional moment to bid farewell to an elistrous graceful and dynamic personality whom we all looked up to .
    Every phase of life have seen his blessing on us and his strength has given us confidence .
    I am proud of all the achievements of alok bhaiya bobby bhaiya and piyush . This all have been possible cos the the huge umbrella of support and confidence he gave to the family .
    Today me and my family take it a personal loss and pray to the almighty to solace the departed soul in peace .
    Also let his blessing his principles and confidence be a guiding path to the family and all of us.

  38. We are shocked to hear the sad demise of respected Phoofa Ji . We can not believe he will leave us so early !
    We lost our dearest Mentor , wellwisher and a superb human being .
    May God give Bhua and all in the family strength to bear the irreparable loss.
    May the great soul rests in peace !!
    Girish ,Amita Gupta and family

  39. Sharad bhaisahab ne hamare poore parivar ko bete or bade bhai ka pyar diya.unki kami kabhi poori nahi ho sakti.unki kahi baaten aaj bhee mere liye aadarsh hain.May his soul rest in peace.

  40. Om Shanti wo hamare hamare liye hamesha hamesha ke liye prayana surot rahe get. Bhagwan unki atma ko Shanti Shanti pradhan kare.

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