Dorothy Rothman

19290701 –


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Dorothy Rothman, our mother, was one of the kindest, caring, and tender-hearted people we have ever known. She was the greatest mom a kid could have. She raised four children and supported them through thick and thin.  She was our cheerleader and biggest fan. She loved deeply and without reservation. She would fight fiercely to defend us and support us without question.  She welcomed everyone into her family and adopted many along the way.
Mom married our dad in 1955. They immediately moved from Arkansas to California to start a brand new life together.  She encouraged and supported dad in the starting of his own business.   They enjoyed taking day trips, gardening, and walks around the lake.  Most of all, they were family people and enjoyed just being home.  Mom enjoyed sewing, embroidery, and time with her friends.  She was quite the social bug and loved people.  She never met a stranger and was uplifting to everyone she met.   Mom and dad moved to Lubbock in 2006, and she spent the next eight years caring for the love of her life, our dad.  She was devoted to him and spent endless hours making his life full.
Mom led a great and purposeful life.  She was proud of her career at Methodist Hospital, the New Haven School District, volunteering with the PTA, and involvement in the Girl Scouts, to mention a few.  She was mostly proud, however, of her kids, her “angels.”  We apologize for the fact that she was not shy about bragging about us.  She couldn’t be stopped.   And, although she had stories and analogies that we rarely believed nor understood, more times than not, she was proven to be right, and the loosely woven threads of analogies would come together with some form of truth.
Over the past six months, mom has fought illness after illness, any one of which would have been the end for most.  No, no, not our mom.   As Jimmy, her grandson, put it when told of the doctor’s prognosis, “Well, they just don’t know who they’re dealing with, do they?”   What an understatement!!  She fought like a soldier.  She was a true hero.  Even through the worst battles, she was more concerned about others than herself.  She was always grateful and optimistic.  She was a trooper, and we could not be more proud of her!!
So, mom, now it’s our turn to brag. You were the BEST mom ever! There are none better. You will always be with us. We love you beyond measure. We will see you again one day. Now, YOU, are our “angel.” You are “perfick.”
P.S. Say hi to dad for us!
P.S.S. At the completion of writing this, we kids looked at the clock, and the time was 3:47 p.m. Our address growing up was 347. Thanks for the sign mom. With love!


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