Dave Ricketts

06/15/1971 –


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  • Memorial Service
Date: 07/19/2020
Time: 1:00 pm
 – 2:00 pm


The family of Jerry David Ricketts will celebrate his life of 49 years at 1:00 pm on Sunday, July 19, 2020, at the Bishea building at Burdette Park in Evansville, Indiana.  He passed away on Sunday, July 5, 2020.  You are encouraged to sign the virtual guestbook and share memories and expressions of sympathy by selecting the icon at memorialdesigners.net.

Dave graced the world with his birth on June 15, 1971, in Evansville, Indiana. He had a love for sports, sarcasm, music, jokes, and cartoons that he never stopped quoting. Dave had a magnetic personality that drew people to him. The ease with which he could make anyone laugh was admirable. He was especially proficient at the art of smack talk, which he passed on to his children (his son is exceptionally good at it) and eventually corrupted his wife with. Life was never too serious with Dave around, and his smile was infectious. He had the biggest heart and loved his family very much. Although no one will ever know why he was a New York Jets fan (not even he could answer that), he always supported them through bad times and worse. He also had a love for fishing (mostly turtles), playing basketball (he “always” won), golf (“Let me show you how we do it in the pros.”), and concerts (“I’m goin’ in….”). His favorite was family vacations to the beach, and those will be some of the happiest memories his family will have. Dave was also an organ donor and will live on in the people whose lives he helped to save with his gifts.

Dave is survived by his wife, Teresa, of Lubbock, TX; his daughter Kaitlyn, son Connor, and daughter Madden; three grandchildren, Darwin, Tesla, and Nova; mother, Glenda Pearce; sister Jackie Coffman Headley; sister Tammy Forbey; brother, Gil (Kathy) Ricketts; 7 nieces and nephews, and four great-nieces and nephews, all of Evansville.

He was preceded in death by his father, Gilbert Ricketts.



The family of Dave Ricketts has designated the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital for memorial contributions donated in his memory.


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  1. Maureen Stephenson

    Goodbye Dave. You made a huge difference in many lives. You gave the world our precious Madden Maureen, and I am eternally grateful to you for that. I wish peace and comfort to your family, and may you rest In Heaven.

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