Colby Garrett McClellan

10/25/1985 –


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Date: 07/19/2019
Time: 2:00 pm
 – 3:00 pm


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Colby McClellan, age 33, of Lubbock Texas went to heaven on July 14, 2019. His final days were spent surrounded by family and friends all of which Colby had touched their lives in some way. He was born in Lubbock, TX on October 25, 1985.

Colby was a proud husband, loving father, a caring son, devoted brother and a loyal friend to many with a wonderful smile. A Red Raider from birth, he graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Business Administration. He began a successful career with Wells Fargo Bank in 2007.  He married the love of his life Heather Kettering in August of 2013.  In 2017, their son Levi was born.

Colby had a contagious smile, the warmest heart, and overwhelming kindness. He was a true friend in every sense of the word.  He was only here for a short time, but he brought happiness and cheer to all those he touched. Colby was a devoted older brother, watching over his brothers Barkley and Landon, and his stepbrothers Ryan and C.J. providing guidance and leadership as they grew up.  He was the glue to the family, pulling everyone together any chance he could.

Colby was the kind of person you could call at any hour of the day and you could count on him to be there for whatever you needed. He truly cared about other people’s feelings and would be quick to help, whether to lend a hand or just listen. And for someone who claimed to not like animals, he sure was an animal whisperer. He rescued several animals including rabbits, frogs, turtles, and a plethora of birds. From Mr. T, the turtle, who was crossing the road or Tweedy, the wandering parakeet, who stumbled into the front yard one winter night, Colby always wanted to help.

He had unmistakable energy, always giving the room a lively feel when he walked in. Colby was liked by everyone he encountered and there is not one person who would say differently. At every wedding or event, you could count on seeing the “Colby Point”, his signature dance/photo move. He was always quick to play a joke or pull a prank simply because he wanted to make people laugh. And in our hearts, he will always be remembered as “Cheese”.

Colby enjoyed golf, baseball, Texas Tech sporting events, traveling, poker night and competing in fantasy sports leagues with friends. He was a master griller and self-taught chef, who was happy to serve and share his love for others by hosting cookouts and dinners any day of the week. With the support of his wife, Heather, they would head the meal preparation of many family gatherings, as they both shared a love for cooking and spent many nights together doing so.

From beach vacations and traveling the east coast, to mountain getaways in Ruidoso, Colby and Heather went on many adventures. On their first cruise together, Heather convinced Colby to zip line for the first time and from then on, they made a point to zip line every opportunity they had. Heather fondly remembers their honeymoon, on which they zip-lined down a volcano above the rainforest, then enjoyed an evening relaxing in the hot springs below.  When they were craving an adventure but could not take a long vacation, Colby and Heather would often pack up and head to the mountains to our family cabin which holds a special place in all of our hearts. This is where Colby asked Heather to be his wife.

Colby looked forward to the day that he would be a father. The timing worked out such that Heather was able to share the news that he was going to be a daddy on his birthday; he said it was the best birthday of his life. This began their greatest adventure. Being a father to Levi gave Colby great joy. He loved playing ball in the backyard, teaching him how to get his guns up and say “Go Tech!”.

Survivors include his wife, Heather Ruth McClellan; son, Levi Garrett McClellan; father, Mike L. McClellan; mother, Rene Bell and husband, Jim; siblings, Barkley Keith McClellan, Landon Michael McClellan and wife, Tyka; Ryan Bell and wife, Amy; Christian “CJ” Bell and wife, Nicole; maternal grandparents, Keith Kimbler and wife, Chris; niece, Zoey Bell; nephew, Cole Wallace; brother-in-law, Aaron Kettering and wife, Kara; mother-in-law, Jenny Kettering; father-in-law, David Kettering and wife, Dartha and numerous extended family and friends.

Family and friends will gather to celebrate his 33 years of life at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, July 19, 2019, at Southcrest Baptist Church.


The family asks that in lieu of flowers, those who are willing and able, donate blood to their local blood bank in honor of Colby. Donations may also be made to an account set up to benefit Levi,

or to the account named “Levi McClellan Donation Fund” set up to benefit Levi through any Wells Fargo Bank location.


21 thoughts on “Colby Garrett McClellan”

  1. This is Ed Robles. I was Colby’s barber. I looked so forward to every visit we had. I had so much respect for him and admiration for him. My sincere condolences to your entire family. I will miss him

  2. Colby McClellan (our oldest grandson @ age 33)
    passed away on July 14th, 2019! He loved everyone & everyone loved him! Colby always had a wonderful smile on his face! He was always happy when he was a little boy with blond curly hair that hung in ringlets! He was the oldest of his brothers! He was very playful & he always like to scuffle with his brothers. He played, football, hockey, baseball , & basket ball!
    He excelled in everything & he made others around him feel comfortable! He liked to make people around him feel comfortable & he liked
    to make people laugh! He was always good at math & he was a very good student & he made good grades! He had like time friends that loved him very much. Ben had been his friend since kindergarten! Lupe hade been his friend since the 2nd grade Colby was a true friend to many friends from grade school, Middle school, high school, & Texas Tech. If Colby was your friend, he was your friend for life! He was a fine example of honesty , faithfulness, & integrity! He was a wonderful grandson & always treated his PaPa & MiMi with full respect. He had cousins that loved to be around him! When Colby was around everyone had fun. He made people feel comfortable around & he was true to himself & true to others! He had true love for his Mother & Dad, to his wife Heather , was a wonderful Dad to little Levi ! Levi truly loved his (Daddy)! Colby was so very proud of his little boy!
    There will be a big hole in our hearts with the loss of this wonderful Grandson Colby! He made us all happy just to be in his presence. Somehow we will be able to go on and God will direct our paths to keep this loved one in our hearts forever! We know that Colby’s life will be an example of Strength , Courage, Love. & Compassion! He lived life to the fullness & he wanted others to enjoy life also! We pray that Colby’s life will be that shinning example to others & show his Love for others as Jesus Christ Loved us! His memory will stay in our hearts for a life time!
    Keith & Chris Kimbler
    Maternal Grandparents
    (PaPa & MiMi)

  3. You were my mortal kombat partner?‍♀️, my fireworks ? brother and the best damn chef/grill master. My little cousin-brother who I loved most dearly. I am so thankful for all of the holidays and ski trips and popping firework memories we made together. The love you showed my kids and how much fun we all had when you were around. Taking Jermaine in his first Snipe hunting trip. Lol. You will be missed terribly. I promise to always tell that beautiful baby boy stories of his full of life daddy. Love you my dear Colby.

  4. Matt & Natalie Bennett

    Colby was always a positive light hearted soul that you just wanted to be around. He brightened everyone’s day and just was a great person to know and love. We will miss you tremendously! Love always, Matt & Natalie Bennett

  5. Alyce Smitherman

    Colby it was a great pleasure having you in our lives. You always had a kind word and an infectious smile on your face. Though your life here was short it was very well lived. You brought joy to those around you. Your precious little Levi will no doubt shine ever bright by your example. Sweet Heather my heart goes out to you. If ever you need anything or just to talk I’m but a phone call away. Scarlette sends her love.

  6. Cheryl Harris Simmons

    My heart is heavy hearing this news. Colby was an adorable child! I loved his blond Curley hair. His mom and dad lived next door to us and I remember babysitting him a time or two. He was a bright child and new something about everything! He was really smart. His mom was my soriety sister and his dad worked for my husbands company. Colby he is in heaven as well so I know you will meet again. Rest well in the arms of our Lord and Savior! You will be forever remembered. The last time I saw you has a great smile on your face! ! You will truly be missed! The ones In Heaven will be lucky to be with you! My prayers are with the family! Love to all!

  7. Jane Byers-Angle

    As a neighbor to his mom and Jim, I was blessed to experience Colby and Heather cooking at the grill. He truly was a grill master. I loved how he interacted with all of the family members no matter the age. He cousined his little cousins with leadership and laughter. Lots of family love whenever Colby was around. I send my deepest condolences to Heather, Levi, Rene, Jim, Mike, Ryan, CJ, Barkley, Landon, and his grandparents. I send my love and support to all of Colby’s family, coworkers, and friends.

  8. Kris and Randy King

    Dear Rene, Jim, Landon ,and Barkley…. we are devastated over the news of Colby’s death. What a great guy, sweet soul, kind heart, and true team player. So many fond memories from our baseball days when we met your family. We love you all and will keep you in thoughts and prayers. We will be out of town so will miss the funeral but will be there in spirit. Hugs!

  9. Colby had so much energy as a child that he played every sport imaginable. I remember teeball and soccer games and I was a big fan. He was always funny and entertaining. Told jokes at a very young age and I would think wow this kid is naturally a funny person. Colby was the kindest person with the most considerate heart, he gave big and gave all!! He was always so full of love and life. He had the biggest smile and warmest heart. He was here for a short time, 33 years old. But if you knew Colby, you know exactly where he is now, celebrating in heaven.

  10. My heart is saddened at the passing of Colby. He was such a blessing to all who knew him. His welcoming smile, his kind compassionate heart and fun loving ways made everyone he came in contact with so at ease. His memory will live on in our hearts forever. He left behind a loving wife & a remnant of himself in his precious little Levi. May God bless his entire family in these very difficult days.

  11. Cindy Cranford

    My heart was saddened by the loss of a beloved member of the family. There are no words for the hole in the hearts of many. I was honored I got to meet him and enjoy his humor and appreciate his love of family. He will be sorely missed.

  12. He was such a great friend to all & always made everyone feel welcome. I remember dancing at prom, and being coworkers during high school
    He was a great guy & will be missed by so many.

  13. My relationship with Colby started in 2004. In that time we played fantasy football, mud volleyball, City League Flag Football, and worked together for over a decade. I have a ton of memories to share. The one that sticks out the most and truly represents the kind o man he is; highlights the fact that he was man who spoke softly, but has tremendous action and strength. We were playing in our final regular season City Flag Football game and we just scored a touchdown with not time left. We were down by 1 point and the conversion play would win us the game. I called a play and as we broke the huddle, Colby looked at me and whispered, “ I got this”. Colby ran 3 yards and the bodied up and boxed out two very athletic guys , then jumped very high and snagged the ball for the win. Although just a football game, Colby was always a man of action and this memory is still one of my favorites because the look on his face was priceless…

  14. Colby really was a special person. I remember how fired up he would get during football games when we needed a push. He was always there to offer motivation or a caring word. He was the type of person you could talk to about anything. I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing him as much past high school, but from elementary football through middle school and high school, there is nothing there but good memories. My sincerest condolences to the family.

  15. Terry & Linda Tuck

    I am Terry Tuck, first cousin to Mike McClellan. My wife, Linda and I live in Flower Mound, near Dallas. We were so shocked to learn of Colby’s illness and passing. Once when we were visiting relatives in Lubbock, we spent a couple of nights with Mike, Rene, Colby, Landon and Barclay. When informed that Linda and I would sleep in young Colby’s room, he promptly told us we must take a shower before we slept in HIS bed! Rene was shocked and the rest of us were laughing. As we packed to leave the last morning Colby asked us to move in with his family and not leave. He was so serious and so sweet it touched us. Our deepest condolences go out to all of Colby’s extended circle of family and friends.

  16. For the tribute. Does this sound okay?

    When Heather introduced me to Colby his firm handshake, kind face and warm smile reminded me of a line from the movie Jerry McQuire “you had me from the first hello.”
    Colby was always ready and willing to help where needed. As a house guest he would leave the place in better condition then when he arrived.
    Thank you Heather for sharing your love for Colby with me.
    Guns Up Red Raider. I will always remember your hugs.

  17. Linda and Steve Gonzalez

    Colby and Heather are our next door neighbors . We met them when they moved here. Colby right away told us if we ever needed help with anything just to let him know. He was a very kind person. We would see him when he was coming home. He would stop to say hello when ever he saw us . My Grandchildren would come to my house and play with balls that would end up in their backyard. He would tell us just to go into their yard and get them . Or we would see our balls coming over the fence . And we would say sorry for the balls . He would tell us no problem. We will miss talking to him. Rest in peace our friend!

  18. As completely shocked at the news that I have been, since the service I’ve been remembering more and more just how much time I was lucky enough to spend working with Colby over the years. When I started in 2012, I quickly found out that Colby and Heather were both experts at figuring out how to get things taken care of. Coming up through Wells Fargo, and me being new, they always were experts in knowing exactly what to do to take care of folks. Colby always worked very hard to take care of his customers. He always did the very best he could for people.

    Colby and I spent many hours traveling to out of town branches. Day trips to local markets and visiting with clients and prospects, he shared a lot with me. One of our first trips, I believe it was to Denver City, was when he was working through plans for he and Heather’s wedding. I remember it distinctly. There was an issue with the dresses, and we were getting on the road late because he was working out the details. I brought it up to him that we could reschedule if it was an issue, but he was proud to say that everything had worked out. I remember him being so excited. He wanted everything to be perfect for the day he would marry his best friend.

    I also got to hear stories of trips to the Florida Keys, trips to Chicago, and trips to the mountains. Colby could always tell a good story where you felt like you were really a part of it. He always mentioned working with his dad and helping him with his business. It was so clear that those times meant a lot to him.

    He was so proud of the first home that he and Heather had moved into. I got to hear some stories of the trials and tribulations of the real estate rental business.

    I got to watch how excited and proud he was to become a dad. His face would light up when he would talk about Levi learning to walk and talk and watching the amazing mother Heather was.

    I also got to hear funny stories about a less than reliable Mitsubishi Eclipse that he owned. Colby had a laugh when he told those kind of stories that would just make you laugh too when you heard it. A particularly funny story I remember him telling me was of Matt Washburn, apparently telling a story of himself, getting stuck on the island in the playa lake at Leroy Elmore Park.

    He never turned down an invite to our men’s business luncheon at my church where men would gather and pray together. It was obvious that Colby had a lot he was grateful for and thanked God for those people and times in his life.

    Colby was also a coffee aficionado and filled me in on the fact that coffee was so much better than Folger’s black coffee, which was as far as my expertise on coffee went.

    I regret that I never got to play golf with Colby. He enjoyed talking about the PGA tour and how much he enjoyed playing golf. From what I understand, he was a very long hitter. He certainly had a stature and physique for a powerful game.

    He was a Texas country music fan. My wife and I got to spend an evening with he and Heather at a local Reckless Kelly concert and I got to see the famous “Colby point” that he was known for.

    Heather and Colby’s knack for taking care of people was also shown in what awesome hosts they were. The both really enjoyed entertaining. At Christmas parties, company events, and public events they both seemed so happy to be able to serve and make people happy.

    I know these are just some scattered memories I have of Colby but, to me, they show the incredible person he was. I was blessed to have known him and lucky to call him my friend. You will be missed friend.

  19. Marquita S Akers

    I am so sorry to hear about your son and grandson, husband, brother, etc. He sounds like a wonderful, fun, loving young man. I am sad that I missed knowing him. May God give you all peace and comfort during this time and the days to come. Just know the Akers family is sending their love and prayers your way. Please give my love to all the family.

  20. My Fiance and I met Colby at the Wells Fargo Branch on 82nd to set up some business accounts. He was so helpful and smiling. Then he moved to the Wells Fargo off University Downtown. He was very helpful when the business manager that took his spot was not helpful. I was so sad when I found out he just passed away by a assistant manager on 4th and Frankford. I had started to tell them how great at customer service Colby was for us. My daughter is the same age and I can’t believe he is suddenly gone in my mind. Wells Fargo had a super star talent hiring Colby. Prayers to all the family. He was a blessing in our professional life.

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