Amelia Rangel

03/14/1932 –


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  • Rosary
Date: 03/24/2020
Time: 6:00 pm
 – 8:00 pm
  • Funeral Service
Date: 03/25/2020
Time: 10:00 am
 – 11:00 am


Amelia Rangel passed away peacefully on Friday, March 20, 2020, at her home in Lubbock, Texas, surrounded by her loving family. Amelia’s immediate family members will gather to recite the Holy Rosary Tuesday, March 24, at 6:00 p.m., followed by a family memorial at 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, March 25, 2020, at Lake Ridge Chapel. Friends are invited to share memories and expressions of sympathy for the family to cherish in the area below the obituary.

In support of our city officials and the health of our community, no other guests will be permitted to attend the in-person event at this time.

The family will reunite for a full celebration of life and memorial mass with family and friends at a later date.

Amelia was born on March 14, 1932, to Tomas and Apolonia Gonzales in Weslaco, Texas. She married Pablo Rangel on June 2, 1948, in Weslaco, Texas. The loving couple owned several restaurants, including El Sombrero restaurant in Lubbock, Texas, from 1958 – 1994.

Survivors include her five children, Rodolfo Rangel and wife, Ida; Antonio Rangel, Gerardo Rangel, and wife, Cynthia; daughter Sylvia Rangel and son Ricardo Rangel;  fourteen grandchildren, Rodolfo, Rosalinda, Carlos, Jennifer, John Paul, and wife, Emily, Amy, Antonio, Jeffery, Meagan, Michael, John Paul, Valerie, Alicia, and Laura; fourteen great-grandchildren; and two great-great-grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Tomas and Apolonia Gonzales; husband, Pablo Varas Rangel; grandchild, Mark Robert Rangel, great-grandaughter Alexandria Duran; four brothers, Modesto Gonzales, Franscico Gonzales, Daniel Gonzales, Antonio Gonzales; nine sisters, Lupe Gonzales, Benita Cortes, Concepcion Rivera, Beatrice Saltana, Viola Cavazos, Ramona Garcia, Tomasa Garcia, Eloisa Martinez, and Juanita Valli.



29 thoughts on “Amelia Rangel”

  1. Molly will truly be missed, she was the glue that kept not only her family but the Gonzales family together. She was the rock that we knew we could lean on for moral support & guidance. Rest in peace sweet lady your work here is done.

  2. Sylvia and family,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in the loss of your mother. We can find comfort that she is now with God in a better place and enjoying heavenly surroundings. We are here for you should you need anything at anytime.
    Your friends,
    Irma and Robert Guerrero

  3. Sylvia, my prayers are with you and your family. The past couple of years have been hard, your mother is now in God’s hands with no more pain. You have been a great daughter and you did your best for your mom. May God bless you with peace of mind and heart. Cathy Rodriguez Guerrero

  4. Rudy, Chap, Jerry, Sylvia, & Ricky,
    Our sincerest condolences on the loss of your family’s matriarch.
    Molly was truly an incredible woman— an incredible fighter, and an incredible ally to those who knew her.
    I remember her as a stern boss when, as a young junior high student I tried my hand at waiting tables. She and your dad taught me a lot during those years and I came to respect the strength I saw in your mom. She truly was ahead of her time as a strong Hispana, successful entrepreneur, and as a respected role model to so many of us influenced by her strong work ethic. She certainly leaves a firm mark on many of our lives.

  5. Rangel Family:

    What a rock your mom was to you, family and friends. I am going to miss her stories, our runs for “Baby Ruth” bars, and just hearing her voice. She was an amazing Latina who truly understood the meaning of family. She was a women with enormous wisdom. Her home was a safe haven. She never turned her doors away to anyone. Her family could always depend on her. She understood the meaning of giving, loving, and caring. Although she is gone she gives the family the baton to carry on in her footsteps. You are already so missed beautiful lady. I have learned from you, and will carry on the culture, love, and wisdom you shared with me. REST IN THAT PLACE OF PEACE.

  6. Sincere condolences to our friends, the Rangel family. Our prayers, thoughts and love are with you in the loss of your precious mom…

  7. Rosalinda, so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in your time of sorrow. May God keep you and guide you and your family!

  8. Luis & Beatrice Rivas

    Our deepest sympathy to the Rangel family. We pray for you to be comforted and feel supported and loved during this difficult time.

  9. Mi mas sincero pesame a la familia Rangel por la perdida de su ser querido. La Senora Rangel era una Senora my servicial. Siempre muy amable cuando frequentabamos el restaurante. La recordare con la misma sonrisa de siempre. Que en paz. descanse su alma.

  10. My dear friend Sylivia and family…you are all in my mind …I was lucky to know her ..and had fun times to share with her ..As we all know what we enjoyed , we can never loose..all that memories will stay with us..So she will live on our memories for ever..

  11. Tia Molly was such a wonderful women. Very kind to me when I was a young girl.

    I remember visiting her and her husband with my father TOMAS GARCIA Jr and my grandmother Molly’s sister Ramona Garcia.

    Very nice visits. I remember working at one of the restaurants during a summer trip to LUBBOCK from Parlier California she and her husband were so kind to me.

    Thank you for your love and kindness. Say hello to my grandma Ramona .

    Deepest condolences to her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

    God bless !

  12. Diamantina Salinas

    My condolences to all the Rangel family. Aunt Molly was an amazing woman. The few times I spent with her were all happy memories. She is having a family reunion with her husband, parents and siblings. She will be missed by so many. I attended her Christmas part a couple of years ago and she told the mariachi all these people are my children. Love you Tia

  13. Christina Garcia Aranda

    My Sympathy to my tia Molly their are so many of Us too long of a list but my heart goes out to all of you. I remeber working with tia Molly and tia Ninfa at the Sombrero on 34th Street she always had a smile and told me to always. Greet customers with smile and a kind word or two this is family Restraunt and they will come back because this is a Family Restraunt I will always carry her smile and her words in my Heart. The Christmas party we went was a blessing to see how much family this beautiful lady had love her she will be missed but not forgotten Iam the second oldest daughter to her nephew Tomas Garcia Jr. And her sister Ramona Garcia was my grandmother Prayers to all.

  14. Nannie dearest,
    I can’t imagine life without you – you were by far the most influential person in my life and I’m grateful to have spent so many wonderful years with you. Thank you for showing your family the importance of faith, family, and love. Mollywolly, you will forever be missed but not forgotten. I pray that we can all meet again and that you and Papo are dancing away in Heaven to one of your favorite songs…Strangers in the Night. Prayers to all my family and especially my mom, Sylvia during this difficult time. Nannie, we will celebrate you again soon in the coming months with Mariachis as you would have wanted. I love you and all our family.

  15. Mina Atkinson-Cantu

    Dearest Great-Aunt Molly, Thank you for all you did for my Mom (Gracie) when my Grandma Tomasa passed away. You meant so much to her, and for that I am grateful. I have peace in knowing you’re now reunited with our Lord and Savior and all our loved ones in Heaven. May you rest in paradise and continue to be a guardian angel to your beautiful family. With love and respect, Mina Atkinson-Cantu and family

  16. Nanny Dearest, Thank You for all of this. This life you’ve gave all of us because no matter what I am grateful to say I come from the most devoted woman in the world. Everything you did was for your family and everything I do next will be for mine. I don’t know how I could be so upset that your gone but to this day from when you were ready god let you see both my children and your great great grandchildren and unfortunately you left to early for me to tell you we have another one on the way but this is me telling the family and you as well I will never let you down because you never let me down. I love you all my family and friends and we will all beat this sadness because that’s not who nanny was, she never wanted us to be down she’d tell me get right bk up and celebrate her life because she was always ready to go because she knew she’s done her part and she did it all for us. I love you all

  17. Nanny Dearest, you have always made a huge impact on my life. I am grateful I had the chance to grow up with you and constantly was able to learn something new every time you and I spoke. You are the reason for my addiction to coffee for the past sixteen years and I will continue to enjoy every cup thinking of you and our memories together. I can’t help but miss you every day and remember the stories you would tell. Although you’re no longer with us physically, you will always be on my mind. Please watch over all of us along with Papo and keep us out of trouble like you always did. Much love my beautiful Nanny.

  18. Linda Florez Chacon

    Molly. There are no words to express the impact that you had on my life. Thank for the love you gave to all who came into your life. Always taking in people in need. Grandchildren were your pride and joy. My children were never without. You always had a way of slipping a little money or a little gift under the table. When Rudy came to visit he would bring gift mostly a rosary and say “keep this for me” cause he ways traveling and could not take them with him. You and DP taught me that children were first at meal times course grown ups could wait. Always welcomed me into your home – telling the kids tell your mom to come over. These last couple of weeks being able visit you were a blessing. The proudest thing is how Rosalinda was there for you and telling me. “Mom I have learned so mush during this with grandma about life and the end of life. And how she was there for Rudy who couldn’t be there. My kids and grandkids adored you and would anything for you.” You spoiled them rotten and thats ok cause that’s who you were and I thank you. I love you and now go and celebrate with our love ones in paradise and pray for us here.

  19. On behalf of the family of Olivia Ortiz, we would like to extend our condolences to the Rangel family, and our niece Jeannie Ortiz and nephew John Paul Ortiz. Molly was a wonderful person and always welcomed us into her home with open arms. Her smile would welcome us and makes us feel special. She will be truly missed. May you all have fond memories and know she will be smiling her beautiful smile from heaven above. May God Bless You All.

  20. Sandra Zamarron-Mendoza and family.
    I want to send my condolences to my Tia Molly’s family, it’s been a long time that I’ve been to Lubbock, the last time I was there was in 1996 when my mother Beatrice passed away, I have a lot of memories working in Tio and Tia’s restaurant, I know that she is now at peace and being welcomed by all who have gone before her and without a doubt rejoicing in her heavenly reunion, may her soul rest in peace.

  21. Deepest condolences, Mrs. Molly you will be miss dearly. You were one of the awesome lady to have as a boss. I felt as part of the family. You did great with your babies n what can I say You did great with My maide of honor. I love you all dearly n know I’m gonna miss you always as I do mom. I will keep praying for the family n many blessings to all of y’all

  22. To a wonderful friend you will be missed praying for the Rangel family Jeannie you will see her again believe it

  23. To a wonderful friend you will be missed praying for the Rangel family Jeannie you will see her again believe it condolences to all of you

  24. Sylvia: I met your mom only in passing when our St John Neumann faith groups would gather at your home. From comments left about your mom and words shared by your brother, the best of her hospitality and welcoming lives on in you, my; friend.

  25. Querida Amelia,

    Pocas palabras pueden describir cómo nosotros sentimos en este momento.

    Al momento estoy agradecido de poder ver la celebración de tu vida de lejos, y aunque mucha gente no podía volver a despedirte, juntaremos la familia algún día otra vez en el cielo.

    Me has dado mucho amor y cariño en esta vida por lo cual te agradezco mucho y pensaré en ti para siempre.

    Dice Calderón de la Barca que la vida es un sueño. Y ahora que has de dejar soñando, ojalá que recibas el descanso y la paz que tu requieres.

    Gracias por ser parte de mi vida, te quiero mucho.

    Nos reunimos algún día y “Remember the Alamo”

    – Juan Pablo Rangel Ortiz

  26. My condolences to the Rangel family. My prayers are with you. Molly we will miss you dearly. You were always giving me advice on how to behave and dress. You were my spiritual mother. Always with your Rosary in your hands. You would say sit right here and talk to me. But you would do the talking And that was ok Cause I loved to hear YOUR STORIES. over n over again. Molly We love you to the moon and back. God has a wonderful angel by He’s side. May You RIP. Margaret Rosa.

  27. Sylvia and family,
    As you Go through life’s greatest sorrow – the loss of someone you love – may your faith in God bring you comfort, peace, and blessings
    today. Praying for you my friend.
    Bessie Saldana

  28. Sylvia so sorry for your loss. Your mother’s Last 2 years were difficult or both of you. And now she is in Gods hands. Her suffering is over. God bless you and your family. You have another angel in heaven watching over you guys.

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