The Importance of Preplanning with a Chronic or Terminal Illness

At Lake Ridge Chapel & Memorial Designers, we encourage every family who walks through our doors to preplan their funeral or cremation. We’ve helped families in West Texas experience the benefits of making funeral arrangements ahead of time. Many of them feel peace of mind knowing all the important end-of-life decisions have already been made and that the related costs have been calculated. When you have a chronic or terminal illness, it is especially difficult and often necessary to preplan your funeral. Taking this important step can provide much-needed consolation to both you and your loved ones.



Preplanning can help you regain a sense of control.

When you’re faced with a chronic or terminal illness, so many life details are out of your control. Preplanning your funeral provides peace of mind knowing this area of your life is in order. When you preplan with us, we’ll keep your details in a safe place here at our funeral home so that they are available when they are needed. Just like you plan your treatments and medications for your illness, planning your funeral can help you and your family know what the future holds. You’ll also save your loved ones the stress of guessing about your preferences after you’re gone.



Preplanning provides clarity around cost and other details.

Depending on your individual health insurance plan and financial circumstances, medical treatments for a chronic condition or a terminal illness can be expensive. When you preplan a funeral, you can choose the service options that fit your budget. You also have the option to prepay when you make prearrangements with us, which can help ensure your funeral costs won’t rise over time.



Make every decision at your own pace.  

There are a lot of things to think about when you’re faced with a terminal illness, and we support area families in making decisions at their own pace, however fast or slow this may be. There are many details to consider while you preplan, such as the type of food served at your reception or the flower arrangements that adorn your casket. Our experienced staff will help you navigate every decision as you preplan.



If you have more questions about preplanning your funeral or cremation with us, contact our funeral home. Our compassionate team is here 24/7 to help guide you through all the necessary details.