Why Lake Ridge

We provide a compassionate team with a willingness to serve, spacious facilities, and aftercare.

Lake Ridge Chapel & Memorial Designers

respects each family’s preferences, beliefs, wishes, and resources, and offer thoughtful arrangements, customized to families’ unique needs.

Cremation Specialists

Lake Ridge Chapel & Memorial Designers offers “Cremation with Confidence”, an exclusive ten step program providing all of us peace of mind that your loved one’s identity is preserved. Contrary to past ideals of cremation, it does not limit choices, but in fact, increases memorialization options.

Leaders in Services

Lake Ridge Chapel & Memorial Designers opened its doors in 2007 as an innovative leader, bringing a whole new generation of products and services to our community and the families we serve. And we continue that tradition of excellence by striving to find new ways to improve the way we walk with families throughout this journey.


Lake Ridge Chapel & Memorial Designers blazed the path for catered visitations, receptions and after service meals, offering guests and family members a chance to spend time together. For many people, these events are a more comfortable environment for remembering the person who died.

Customized Stationery

Lake Ridge Chapel & Memorial Designers was one of the first funeral homes in the area to create professional, personalized memorial folders and guest books. The small take-home keepsakes are designed with photographs, poems, religious verses, stories, etc., and the guest book is designed as a way to document the final chapter of your loved one’s life. These items make a beautiful, long-lasting tribute for generations to come.

Innovative Facilities

The funeral is an important opportunity to pay tribute to someone you loved. It is a time for relatives and friends to gather, tell stories, and share memories. Having a place to gather for comfort and support is one of the most healing parts of the grief process.

The building was specifically designed from the ground up for funerals. We pride ourselves on the functionality and appearance of our modern facilities, including a large chapel, spacious staterooms, a tranquil courtyard and plenty of well-lit parking. We are constantly updating and improving our premises and equipment to keep our facility within the highest of professional standards.