Lake Ridge Ladies

The Lake Ridge Ladies group is an aftercare service of Lake Ridge Chapel & Memorial Designers that exists to provide a community of support and encouragement for women who have lost their spouse. While there is no way to erase the pain of losing a loved one, there are things that can be done to bear the pain and provide community and friendship. Every person walks through grief differently, but all people find solace and comfort in a close-knit group that offers encouragement and support.

This group provides that comfort and support to widows in the Lubbock community through the following ways:

  • weekly games and activities
  • regular outings and overnight trips
  • service projects in the community
  • support and encouragement
  • meal trains for those in the group who are ill
  • partnerships with local businesses to care for everyday needs (such as automotive care)
  • monthly dinners for those who have used Lake Ridge Chapel & Memorial Designers’s services

If you would like to learn more about the Lake Ridge Ladies, email us at, call us at (806)698.8085, or connect with us on Facebook.