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What is Preplanning?

Preplanning is simply the act of selecting the type of service you would one day like to have along with the merchandise you would prefer, in advance of illness or life altering event. Then, putting these wishes in writing along with your vital statistic information, family history and the details of the service itself, such as your favorite songs, readings, flowers, etc.


Why is it Important?

Everyday families are forced to provide a significant amount of information and make a multitude of decisions in a very small window of time. This pressure causes most people to make very costly and emotional decisions. By putting your wishes in writing, you are saving your loved ones from this burden. Having this information available at the time of your passing will ease this burden and simply allow them to celebrate your life together.


What is Prefunding?

Prefunding is paying for the services and merchandise you have selected years prior to actually needing them. While this can certainly be done in a lump sum payment, not everyone has the expendable income or access to this type of funding: therefore, there are multiple payment options available.


Why is it Important?

Prefunding allows you to freeze the current costs of the services and merchandise you select at the time of the purchase. Funding in advance will remove the financial burden your family will one day face and provides peace of mind for all involved. While Preplanning is an act of love and kindness, prefunding is a true gift for those you love.



“My biggest concern was to be a burden to my family, which I don’t want to be. I have had so much weight taken off my shoulders. I feel a whole lot better.” – Richard Wooten

“Our parents have preplanned everything, so when that time comes, all we will have to do is call the chapel. We are so thankful that they did this for us!” – Donya

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Preplanning is a simple and enjoyable process. Relieve your loved ones of the worry, allowing them more time to celebrate the life you had together. We look forward to starting this journey with you!


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