Serving the Lubbock community since 2007

About the Founder of Lake Ridge Chapel & Memorial Designers

Born in Lamesa, Texas, Santos Moreno has spent his entire career in the funeral industry and devoted his life to ensuring that families have a positive and uplifting experience as they say goodbye to loved ones. While working in the industry, Santos started to visualize innovative ways to create a more meaningful experience for individuals seeking funeral services in Lubbock.

Years of thought and planning went into the creation of Lake Ridge Chapel and Memorial Designers. From the unique design of the facility to the organization of the entire company, Santos worked to ensure that when the doors opened to the public, every client would experience a new level of service and the highest standard of excellence.

Personalized Service from the Start

In the beginning, Santos and his colleague LeeAnn Malone provided all of the services themselves and worked countless hours to build the company the right way.

Over ten years later, Lake Ridge Chapel now has a large staff of dedicated employees including Santos’ wife, Valerie Moreno, who joined the Lake Ridge team after a successful corporate career working in Lubbock as well as other locations throughout the country.

Lake Ridge Chapel has a passion for caring for families even after the memorial service. To accomplish this, Santos and the Lake Ridge Chapel team founded the Ladies of Lake Ridge for widows, offer aftercare programs and community grief groups, and hold educational and practical seminars throughout the year.

Thank You!

As they look to the future, Santos and Valerie would like to thank the entire Lubbock community for allowing Lake Ridge Chapel to serve so many wonderful families.

The Morenos and Lake Ridge Chapel staff are committed to giving back to the community as much as possible and will always stay true to the mission of celebrating lives well lived.