Santos Moreno

Owner and Director

Hello, I’m Santos Moreno, a proud graduate of Wayland Baptist University and the Dallas Institute of Funeral Service. While my professional life revolves around providing compassionate support during challenging times, I’ve embraced a unique approach to the funeral industry in Lubbock. I don’t fit the typical stereotype of a funeral director, embalmer, and crematory operator. My journey has led me to create a funeral business that stands out and takes our industry far outside the box. At our company, we celebrate life and help families see the beauty in their loved one’s journey. One shining example is the implementation of the Lake Ridge Ladies group, which began with six widows. I decided to create a monthly dinner event for the widows we served. Over time, the group has evolved and expanded to include widowers as well. Our activities have grown beyond dinners to encompass a vibrant community. We now enjoy movie clubs, Bible studies, travel clubs, dances, murder mystery evenings with my staff as actors and actresses, tailgating to support our local universities, and numerous other exciting events. The friendships and even marriages that have blossomed within this community serve as proof of the vital need for connection among those who share similar personalities and life experiences. Another testament to our commitment to the community is the grief classes we offer, led by our dedicated staff. These classes provide support to parents who have lost children, widows and widowers, and anyone who has experienced the profound loss of a loved one. We believe that offering these resources is an essential part of our mission to serve and comfort those in their time of need. Music has always been a big part of my life. I enjoy listening to a variety of genres, with a preference for EDM and techno. The pulsating beats and energy of these genres resonate with me. On the flip side, I also have a deep appreciation for classical music, which offers a soothing contrast to my day-to-day. Away from work, you’ll often find me at the gym. I’m passionate about maintaining an active lifestyle. Whether it’s lifting free weights or participating in high-intensity group exercise classes like HITT, Step Aerobics, or Cycling, I’m always motivated by the heavy and fast-paced music that keeps me going. Staying fit and healthy is not just a routine for me; it’s a way of life. I am an open-minded person who believes in the underdog and that everyone is a gift with the opportunity to be the best version of themselves. As a father of three – Alyssa, Brennan, and Jackson – each with their own unique personalities and gifts, I am continuously inspired by the beauty of family. I am happily married to Valerie Moreno, who has been my steadfast support and partner in this journey. Additionally, I enjoy spending time away from work attending music festivals. I’m an adult living my young life to the fullest, as my twenties were dedicated to education and work, allowing me to open doors that led me to be a part of this wonderful company.