On the Go Insurance

Are you constantly on the go?

As we return to traveling and seeing loved ones, we find ourselves always “On the Go;” whether you’re visiting family, traveling for business, going to appointments or planning a weekend getaway.

But what if you pass away unexpectedly while you’re away from home? Would your family be protected financially and emotionally if the unexpected were to happen?

Make Sure Everything is in Order!

If you pass away unexpectedly away from home, your loved ones may have to choose between honoring your wishes or making some tough decisions so that they can afford to bring you home. It doesn't have to be that way.

Think About It...

If a loved one dies away from home, a family's first instinct will be to have the body cremated and shipped home for efficiency. Doing so can have effects on the family such as:

  • Never getting to see their loved one's face again or say their goodbyes.
  • Forcing the family to pass on other important elements of the funeral ceremony, intended to help them activate their support network, connect with other family members and friends, and receive the love and support they need during a difficult time.
  • Experience additional stress due to financial hardship you never intended them to have.
  • And, some family members may require grief counseling or therapy to process the loss without the benefit of the full funeral experience.

By purchasing “On the Go” Insurance or adding it to you preexisting preplanning plan, you are giving your family peace of mind and insuring them the ability to grief in their own way.

It Only Takes 5 Minutes!

With On the Go Insurance, your family will receive exceptional service from Lake Ridge Chapel if a loss occurs away from home, including the following benefits:

  • A lifetime protection guarantee
  • No unexpected costs
  • No limits or caps on expenses
  • An affordable payment plan that can be included in your prearranged funeral plan cost
  • Payments over time, up to 36 months, or a single, one-time payment

Helping Families Plan Ahead

Save your family from having to choose between a meaningful celebration of life or unforeseen transportation expenses. Include this valuable protection to your existing preened contract and or purchase the plan individually by contacting Laura Landes, our Preneed specialist at 806-698-8085.

Interested in On the Go? Let's Talk.