Tillian Mia Moore

20170915 –


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Tillian Mia Moore was born on September 15, 2017, to Jacob Moore and Jessica James in Lubbock, TX. She was the most beautiful baby with a million and one hairs on her precious head. The time we got with her seems so terribly short and like a small eternity at the same time. Her eternity. Tillian was loved and spoiled every moment she spent with us here on earth. As much as this pains us all, it brings us peace to know that she will never experience the pain, greed, filth and ugliness of this world. The memories we made will be close to our hearts forever. We are so blessed that she was able to spend time with nearly all of her immediate loved ones. As her Mommy, sharing her brought me more joy than anything else. I am so proud that I helped make such a tiny, beautiful being. Literally, a mini extension of me. Sometimes the pain of wondering what she would look like, or who she would have become, is too much to bear. But would it have been harder to have loved her longer and lose her then? Whatever the situation, nothing will fill this deep hole in all of our hearts. I thank the Lord today for giving her to me, even if only for a short time. She made us a Mommy and Daddy, a Gmommy and Grandpa, a Pappy, a Mimi and Grandpa, an Aunt and an Uncle. She will forever be our Princess Tillian Mia Moore.

Survivors include her parents, Jacob and Jessica; her maternal grandparents, Dylan James, Brock and Carrie Elliott; paternal grandparents, Desiree Doucet and Steven Moore; aunts, Alexanna Elliott and Mackenzie Rush; and uncles, Briggs Elliott and Coby Doucet.


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  1. Dear Family,
    I want to express my Deepest Sympathy in the loss of your beautiful daughter. The pain, the grief, and the feelings of helplessness can seem unbearable. The Bible promises that there will be a time when death will be no more, and also gives comfort and hope that we will see our loved ones. “ And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”-Revelation 21:4. I hope this will give comfort to your family. If you would like to know more about what the Bible promises, Please visit : jw.org, with no cost or obligation to you.
    With Deepest Sympathy, Kristy

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