Samuel David “Oscar the Grouch” Twining

19490127 –


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Every person’s life is a roaming and meandering Journey. Some individual’s paths are harder and face more adversities than others. Dads Journey was tougher than most. The obstacles he had to overcome would have been insurmountable to many, but not our Dad.
He met and overcame difficulties starting at a very young age, when he lost his mother. That day, Dad wrapped his arms around his little sister and kept telling her, “It’s alright Krissy, I’ll take care of you”.
Towards the end of Dad’s last moments, Hillary and I were faced with the toughest decision that children could make for one of our parents. Hillary held our father’s hand and recognized that God also held each of us in His hand.
The decision we made allowed just enough time for other family members to make their Journey to see Dad one more time before his Journey was to come to its end. Within his final moments his canine companion, Jake, was allowed into the room to stand by his master’s side until the very end.
It was now time for Hillary and me to say, “It’s alright Dad. We’ll take care of you”.
Dad passed away with peace and dignity, surrounded by his family and with Jake by his side.
Our spirits are at ease knowing that Dad gently laid down his guns, surrendered to this life, and is finally and forever at peace.

Dad your Journey is over…Good night and fly high Dad, we love you…

Good bye Dad,

Josh and Hillary


1 thought on “Samuel David “Oscar the Grouch” Twining”

  1. I just read this beautiful tribute to Sam. Touched my ❤️. Sam had a very kind heart underneath it all. Your dad taught you many things… how to ride a bike, to catch and clean and cook fish, woodworking skills, etc… but most importantly…how to die with dignity.

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