Samuel “Bo” Harris

19581229 –


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Samuel Bode Harris, better known as “DJ on Wheels”, “Wild Thing”, or “Bo” passed away on May 21st, 2018. Bo was born Dec 29th, 1958 and he was so excited about life he made his appearance a little early, which caused him to have a disability known as Cerebral Palsy. This didn’t slow him down though. He lived a healthy and happy full life.

He was the #1 fan of The Dallas Cowboys and the Cheerleaders! He loved all game shows, especially the Price is Right, he said it made him happy to see people win. Bob Barker called him one day, he got so excited he couldn’t speak, which was unusual for Bo. He insisted Pro-Wrestling is real. He loved cool T-shirts and his pony tail. He always updated & reset his computer and passwords and never shared the remote.

Music was most important to Bo and he could call out song titles faster than “Shazam”. One passion was to go see live local bands, but when he wasn’t, he could be found listening to some tunes. He loved Blues, Rock & Roll, and tolerated Country music only when he was with his Mama. He stockpiled a large vinyl record collection and was so proud of it that he kept his collection immaculate and organized, and it included every genre imaginable. He was a good singer, when he felt like it! His favorite thing was playing music for his friends and family. He volunteered to DJ at Special Olympics and MHMR Dances. He would party with everyone, little kids, rockers, the elderly, his family and friends. Punch and cookies or burgers and beer he never turned down an invite to join a celebration.

His eclectic interests didn’t stop with music, he listened to mystery novels, watched vintage cartoons and car shows. He was a sports enthusiast, always rooting for TTU. He was a man of knowledge, graduating from Monterey in 1979 and he continued to learn something new every day. YouTube “How To” videos were invented for him! He was a licensed Ham Radio operator and he knew how to run a computer even though he could never type. He knew all about food and enjoyed planning meals but he couldn’t hold a spoon.

Bo loved animals and helped foster many kittens and dogs. The family pets always knew he was special and bonded immediately with him. He would like everyone to donate to a rescue in his name and remind you to have your pets spayed or neutered!

Bo was a phenomenal man, he was cherished and admired. He was always happy and thinking of new ideas or ways to accomplish things. Bo never spoke of his disability or asked the question “Why Me?”. He loved his family fiercely and made friends wherever he went. Bo never met a stranger and touched lives far & wide. He loved Jesus and listening to the bible on tape. He always reminded us to take deep breaths and to be happy.

Parents – Lynda H. Gould & Bill Harris, Mary Harris and the late Al Gould; Sisters – Kym Ruiz & Leslie Auld; Nephews & Nieces – Jesse, Brady, Kristi, Gannon & Elijah Ruiz, Sam Legg, Josh & Rubi Moreno; Best Friend, Caretaker & Special Brother in Law – Joe Ruiz; Forever Family – Bill Auld, Andy Ruiz, Sarah & Martin Moreno, Candice Garland, Keith & Rosie Gould, Ed & Jamie Schatte, Jim & Lisa Legg, Dawn, Beau, Wesley & Ashley Gould, Samantha & Ian Krouse, Gale & Rosa Wells, Todd & Carol Woods; Best Friends & Caretakers – Tonja Lamprecht, Rose Harris, Katherine Hubbard, LaTorria Cooks, Shauna Melton; His Nurses – Kim Lara & Michelle Eckert; His Cowboy Friend – Richard Martinez.

Special Thanks – Accolade Hospice, Starcare Specialty Health Systems, Cory Powell, Junior Vasquez, Darren Welch, Agape Funeral Services & Lake Ridge Memorial Chapel.

If you want to join us for a good time, the services are 1pm Thursday May 31st at Lake Ridge Chapel with Graveside 2:30pm at Peaceful Gardens.


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