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Sai T. Rao, 45, passed away on April 25, 2019. He was surrounded by family and close friends at his bedside. He was born in India on May 25, 1973 to Dr. T.R. Rao and Vimala Rao. With his parents he moved to Chicago in 1974 and then to Lubbock in 1979. After graduating from Lubbock High School in 1991, he attended the University of Texas and then Northwestern University where he earned a B.A. in Economics. Thereafter, while working as a financial trader, he lived in several cities including Philadelphia, Washington D.C., San Francisco and Palm Springs before he returned to Lubbock where he lived for the past several years.

Sai was a kind, personable and highly intelligent person. Friends and family recall his charisma and brilliant and often enigmatic mind. He was an avid reader, loved dogs, had a great sense of humor, and a winning smile. He spoke several languages and enjoyed following Texas Tech athletics. He was a genuine and generous soul to the end.

Sai was preceded in death by his paternal grandparents, maternal grandfather, and his paternal uncle.

He is survived by his maternal grandmother; parents, Dr. T.R. and Vimala Rao; sister Geetha and husband Raju; nephews Anand and Nayan; niece Jothi; and several other aunts, uncles and cousins.

Sai’s family would like to thank everyone for their support and kindness and also express our appreciation for compassionate care provided at Covenant Medical Center.

Funeral Services will be held at Lake Ridge Chapel and Memorial Designers, 6025 82nd Street, Lubbock, TX 79424 on Sunday, April 28 2019 at 11 am.


In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to National Alliance on Mental Illness


29 thoughts on “Sai T. Rao”

  1. Sai was one of my life long great friends, through good times and bad. He was kind, thoughtful, and one of the most brilliant minds I’ve ever known. Even during times of challenge, his underlying sweetness always shined through. He was a life long defender of ther underdog and deeply wanted a world that was fair for all. I already miss him deeply. Rest In Peace my brother. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  2. V. Krishna Reddy

    Sai is nephew(my wife’s sister’s son). I know him as an young, kind hearted and straight forward person. My wife remembers that once when he visited Velamakuru, his grand mother village, when they offered coffee made of jaggary, he guled it without showing any dislike. This shows his sensitive mind of not hurting others. He also used to fight on behalf of lower and common people. He used to drive us different places when we visit USA. It is unfortunate that God has called him quite early from this world. My deep codolences to my brother, sister-in-law and Geetha. May his soul rest in peace.
    V.K. Reddy

  3. Sorry to hear about Boy Sai , that’s the way we all know him
    Though I don’t know him much personally, heard that he was a kind hearted guy.
    Mohan mamayya and vimala atta, the loss is irreparable.
    Our deepest condolences
    May he have a peaceful journey
    Srinivas, Krishna and sonu

  4. Sai holds a special place in one of my golden childhood memories I don’t forget: Once, when we were kids, though he is younger than me, I learned that some of the children in his circle would mock and bully one particular child. I was greatly upset and I happened to get hold of Sai and said to he ought not bully this child. He turned to me with kind eyes and said he would never do this and he in fact would try to include and look after this bullied child. I thanked him and was told that Sai continued to care for that kid. That bullied child grew up, and he continued to tell me that Sai was one of the few good ones in a sea of badness and, as he was able, Sai continued to make good on his commitment into their young adult years.

    I was devastated to learn of his death, maybe in part because I never got the chance to thank him personally. Rest well Sai, and thank you for your kindness.

  5. Our son, Lee Cochran, was a good friend of Sai’s in high school. Together with David Mann and the Guven brothers they would play pickup football, study physics and math together, and eat at all the nearby fast-food restaurants close to Lubbock High. Theirs was a special friendship. My husband Clarke and I send our sympathy and condolences to all of Sai’s grieving friends and loved ones, especially his parents and sister.
    Anne and Clarke Cochran

  6. Robert Dilinger

    Rest In Peace Sai. I have good memories of the little time I spent with you. You will be missed.

  7. I remember Sai as a cool and charismatic high schooler – kind, gifted, and popular – from our days on the LHS math and science team. I was deeply saddened to hear of his passing and send my deepest condolences to his family and friends.

  8. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
    Bill and Danella Dickson

  9. When sai visited India last (i think a decade he was reserved kind of my person but used to play with my kids n used to get involved him self in any discussion going was part of it
    Tall hanky person he should be height of Mohan mayya he always had a smiely face
    Though my interaction with him was very little but that little time what we have spent was very memorable
    Vimala atta, mammaya n Geeta our thoughts n prayers are with you in this grief moment
    May his soul rest in peace
    Our heartfelt condolences to our family members ?
    Babu, Madhavi n Kids

  10. Our heartfelt condolences to Mohan Mamayya, Vimala atha & Geeta. We pray God to give you the strength in this hour of grief. R.I.P Sai

  11. Sai grew up in my house with my sons. I remember getting up middle of the night and finding him in front of the refrigerator with his beautiful smile. He was always kind and well mannered. I loved him like a son. The world lost a remarkable young man who was loved by so many. He and Ferhat used to call each other “Fellow” and I still remember his voice. The last time I saw Sai was in Atlanta in Ferhat’s house. As always, he had kind words and sun shine smile to everybody. I am simply heart broken to loose this amazing person who was so much part of our lives. My love and my heart also goes to Rao family and can’t even imagine their pain. I just want them to know Sai was a gift for all of us.

  12. I met Sai anna a decade ago when he visited India. Very intelligent and nice person.We are there with Mohan uncle and Vimala aunty during these difficult times and praying God to give the required strength to them. May his soul rest in peace.

  13. Asha Pavan Kumar

    Though spent a brief period of time at Lubbock a couple of years ago Sai Anna left a good memory with us. He was a
    playful person and loved playing with kids we could observe his true self around kids. We pray God to give all the strength to the family at this tough time. Uncle Aunt and Geetha akka we are with you at this time

  14. R.Divakar Reddy& Vasantha

    I just can’t believe evennow that Sai is no more. I had spent with him for about 20 days in Lubbock,only 11 months back. We used to share so many things, especially about sports ( during that period World Cup soccer was on). He used to predict correctly which team is going to win. His analysis were accurate. He loves children very much,and used to play with my grand daughter. I am very sorry for my co-brother and sister-in – law to the loss of their son,and I pray almighty to give them strong mind to withstand. May Sai’s soul rest in peace.

  15. Manohar & Bindu

    Very sorry to hear about Sai. Our condolences to Mohan Mamayya, Vimala atta and Geeta. All our prayers are with you.
    Rest In Peace.

  16. We are shocked to hear the news about Sai. It is very unfortunate. The loss is irreparable. Deep condelances to my sister, brother in law and Geetha. May his soul rest in peace. Ranga Reddy, Subhadra

  17. Geetha And Vijay Toke

    Annaiya and Vimala and Geetha. We are so sorry to hear about Sai. He always had such a smile on his face. we will miss him. . We have no words to Express our sorrow and sadness for the pain you are going through. but to pray to God to give you the strength to bare this pain and may his soul rest in Peace.

  18. P. Rajeswara Rao.

    Dear Mohan,
    Leelavathy and me send our deep sense of condolences to you and Vimala and to all the bereaved family at the sad demise of your beloved son Sai.I have met him only once and what has been mentioned in the memorial is really touching. May his soul rest in peace.I pray to Bagavan Sri.Satya Sai Baba to give you all strength to bear this loss. Om Sri Sai Ram .
    P.Rajeswara Rao.

  19. Nathalie Atallah Jacir

    Sai and I both played tennis for Lubbock High, that’s where I met him. Over the few years we overlapped, I discovered what a unique human being he was-so very special. His personality was magnetic! He lit up the room with his genuine smile wherever he went. So many funny stories during tennis practice, (sometimes about our Coach:), and on those tennis trips! He was so inclusive–truly a friend to all walks of life. I always saw Sai waving to everyone, even those he didn’t know. He’d say “you never know if you’ll see them or need anything one day and they’ll say hey, I remember you!” Sai always saw the good in others-as if he could see their light where others couldn’t. I hope he knew how much he was loved by all. I am forever blessed by his friendship.

    My deepest condolences to Dr. and Mrs. Rao and Geetha and her family.

    Beautiful life tribute video as well, thank you for sharing him with us in this way.

    God bless you all, and may Sai Rest in Peace,

  20. It may sound strange but its true , I have never seen Sai in person or never met him and had only seen Sai in pictures and have been hearing about him from my wife , aunt and his cousins.
    ​​ I feel very bad , that I have never got a chance to meet him in person or got a chance to speak to him and Also i feel very bad that this will be the first and last time i see Sai.
    ​​ But , i can say one thing for sure God Bless him and May his soul rest in Peace.
    Also last but not the least , i have seeing many pictures of Sai from the last two days and one thing is for sure ,
    ​​ One picture is worth Thousand words ,how much he cares about people and how much care is showered upon him by the Friends & Family.
    ​​ Sai , Where ever you are you will always be in our heart!!!

  21. Dave & Beverly Horvat

    There are no words to console in this time of sadness. Many hearts are broken and many weep with you. May your sadness fade quickly but the good memories last forever. Sai will be remembered for his gracious smile and laughing eyes. He had much love in his heart and he shared it freely. We are so sorry.

  22. Sanka Murali Krishna

    Dear Mohan and Vimala,
    We all are shocked to hear the unpleasant news. Sai as we know was a loveble boy, always with a radiant smile. God had been very cruel in taking him away from us. We pray to God to give us all the strength to move forward with the unforgettable loss which can never be regained. May his soul rest in peace.
    Murali and Asha

  23. Fella Bud! To a special time in life… all the smiles and all the laughter…the freezing on ski trips, the Super Bowl Shuffle, Fraggle Rock, Amazing Fireworks and Young Country, …. you brought laughter and friendship, and you will be missed.

  24. So very sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family. At times like these we need comfort and support, and I look to God’s Word for both. Psalms 34:18 assures us that our God Jehovah is close to the brokenhearted. He saves those crushed in spirit. May this scripture help you as it has for me. My thoughts will be with you at this most difficult time.

  25. Rich Peterson

    So many memories – I moved to Lubbock in 4th grade and Sai took it upon himself to settle me into school – teaching me how to draw mazes and star trek ships. In 7th grade he taught me how to roll up my jeans in that 1980s cool way and also how to play tennis (he was good!). In college at UT we would have coffee and he’d share his adventures and tales of intentional homelessness in Chicago. And in San Francisco we hung out a few times while he worked as a trader at Susquehanna. I lost touch with him after the mid-2000s, but his enthusiasm and smile have never been far from my mind. I miss that guy. He made me and so many people feel happy and inspired. Much love to you Sai.

  26. Our deepest condolences to Dr. Rao and his family on Sai’s passing. We remember Sai fondly as such a pleasant, happy person. Our daughters always spoke cheerfully of him during their high school times together. May God grant your family comfort during this mourning period and know that Sai is surrounded forever by Love.
    -Paul and Sue Atallah and family

  27. Vimala & Mohan,
    We are saddened to hear about your loss.We can only imagine the depth of sorrow your family feels.Bhaskar,myself ,Amala and Subbu wish to convey our profound condolences to you.May he Rest In Peace.

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