Rosemary Criado Traba

19551122 –


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We called Rosemary, “Tita”. When we were small children, my mom called her Rosita but we couldn’t pronounce it correctly, and it came out as Tita, and it stuck. She was also known to others as Rosa, Rosie, Punk, and Shorty (a nickname given to her by her German friends).

Rosemary was a good kid and never really got into trouble. One of the most memorable days of her childhood / elementary school time, recalled by her siblings, was on her 8th birthday, November 22nd, 1963. While at school, an announcement was made that President John F Kennedy had been assassinated and that classes were dismissed. The school closed early and even though they were so young, they knew something really bad had occurred. As they started their walk home, Rosemary began to cry. Her older sister held her hand and they walked home in silence.

It was at this point that it was realized how compassionate she was. Her passion expressed itself in many ways. She was an awesome and talented individual. When in high school, she picked up band and chose to play the clarinet where she consistently attained first chair. Her latter years, she enrolled in DECA (a distributive educational program) where she attended school half a day and worked half a day.

From the DECA courses, she selected the floral business trade and thus began her love of floral design. After graduation, she worked for several floral businesses increasing her knowledge, excelling her skill, and winning multiple awards for floral arrangements. She made a name for herself and was well known in the floral business community.

During a break from the work, Tita travelled to Germany with friends and fell in love with the country and culture. She decided to move there permanently. After time, she married Gary Traba and lived in Germany for about five years making a new life and many special friends. They eventually moved back to the USA where years later her husband passed away.

Although Rosemary never had any children, this didn’t stop her maternal instincts. She loved and treated all of her nieces and nephews as if they were her own, which included her cousins’ children as well.

Anyone who knew her saw what a loving and genuine person she was. If you happen to be part of her family or become a friend, you were lucky to have her in your life. There was nothing she wouldn’t do. If you were in need of funds, she’d open up her wallet. If your car was on the outs, she’d either take you wherever you needed to go or let you use her car. If you needed to talk, she’d lend you her ear. She was always present and accommodating. She had an open mind and never judged.

One fun fact people probably don’t know is that she had an annual ritual. At the beginning of the year she’d buy a new calendar and she would go through each month and mark family and friend’s birthdays. She was very diligent in sending out birthday cards to everyone she cared about always making one feel special. Such a caring heart!

Rosemary began falling ill many years back. The past few years have been hard on those who have watched her health worsen. Even though her body will no longer exist on this earth, her beautiful smile and heart will live in our hearts and minds.

Survivors include her siblings, Dolores Ramirez, Deborah Padilla, and Jacob Criado and wife, Tiffany; four nephews, Eliseo B. Padilla and wife, Charlene; Justin Gabriel Ramirez and wife, Candace; Cameron and Luke Jacob Criado; three nieces, Felicia Renee Ramirez, Gabriella Padilla and husband, Paul Vela; and Sidney Flores; two great-nephews, Zahryan Miguel Vela, and Eliseo Jackson Padilla; and great-niece, Arilynn Leigh Vela.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Ubaldo Santos and Lucinda Criado; and husband, Gary Traba.


10 thoughts on “Rosemary Criado Traba”

  1. Our thoughts are with you and with your Familie. We will never forget you. Your friends fromm Wiesbaden.
    Kirsten, Nina, Aimee und Holger.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful person. I worked with “Rosie” for about five years at Garden Works. During that time she and I became very close. I have never known another person with such a love capacity for other people.
    Combining her passion for floral arranging with love for others was a talent like non other.
    It will be hard not to pick up the phone and check in with her, but knowing she is pain free and is now surrounded by the ultimate beauty of God’s kingdom gives me much solace.
    Death is not a punishment, it is a reward.
    Rosie will live in our hearts forever.

  3. Kathy Trimble Whitaker

    Rosemary will always have a special place in my heart. She was instrumental in the success of my business and was such a great friend to me and my family. I’ll never forget the fun trip we took to Colorado together. Your family will be in my prayers.

  4. My sincere condolences. Rosemary had a kind and golden heart. It was my pleasure in knowing her.

  5. Condolences,Prayers for Family. May God’s Blessing and Peace be with you. David & Maryalice DeAnda & Fam. Nancy Cortes

  6. Rachel Hernandez

    You will be missed, prima. Love you. You’re home now. Rest in God’s eternal peace.

  7. She will forever be in my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Love, Tambo

  8. Prayers for my cousin” Tita” Will always remember your smile. Rest in Peace Rosemary. Say hi to my Mom and brother, Tia, Tio and the rest. Love you and miss them all. Viya con Dios Prima

  9. We will never forget you, too!!! We are very proud to have known you.
    And I (Yvonne) will never forget the trip to Venice/Italy with you, Petra and Lola and the wonderful week with your “German friends” in Las Vegas. Your last visit in Germany is in our mind forever …
    With love and many ‘knutschies” (our special word)
    Norbert, Yvonne & Julien

  10. Sandee Balderas Buja

    My thoughts and prayers go out to y’all.. My cousin was such a beautiful person inside and out.. She will be greatly missed.. Love you all!! ❤

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