Randall “Randy” Lee Gallaway

09/09/1947 - 09/10/2020


The family of Randall “Randy” Lee Gallaway will celebrate his life of 73 years at 2 p.m., Tuesday, September 15, 2020, at Southcrest Baptist Church. Burial will follow at Englewood Cemetery in Slaton, near Mary Ann’s parents. The family will host a time of fellowship and remembrance from 6-8 p.m. on Monday, September 14, at Lake Ridge Chapel and Memorial Designers, 6025 82nd Street, Lubbock, TX 79424.

In support of public health and safety, face coverings are mandatory while attending the service and visitation.  The service will be live-streamed and available for thirty days on this page. You are encouraged to sign the virtual guestbook, read the full obituary and share memories and expressions of sympathy by selecting the icon.

Randy went to be with the Lord on Thursday, September 10, 2020. He was born on September 9, 1947, to the late Norris Weaver and Mary Virginia (Moore) Gallaway in Austin, TX. Randy was always excited to tell people about Jesus. His senior year of high school, weeks before graduation, he suffered a devastating injury while assisting an electrician at his part-time job as an intern for American Manufacturing in Fort Worth.

Doctors initially said there was no chance of recovery. However, a series of heavenly revelations predicted his survival. Thirty-eight surgeries and more than a year later, Randy graduated from Amon G. Carter Riverside High School in Fort Worth in 1967. However, he lost all of one arm and part of another. Instead of being deterred, Randy was more motivated than ever to make the most of his second chance at life.

He earned an engineering degree with honors at the University of Texas at Arlington, before pursuing a lifetime of missions and ministry work. He graduated with a masters of divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1978, and doctor of ministry degree from Golden Gate Seminary in 1987.

Randy met Mary Ann Milliken of Lubbock while leading evangelism workshops for the Baptist Student Union at Texas Tech University. They married in 1975. Together they ministered in Dallas, Texas; Riverside, California; North Vancouver, Canada; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Lubbock, Texas; and all across the country of China.

Randy’s life motto was, “Never give up! As long as there is a breath within you, you must hold onto hope.” That message will live on in print in Randy and Mary Ann’s life story, “Death Knocking, Life Calling,” as well as in the lives of those around the world they have influenced.

Survivors include his wife, Mary Ann Gallaway; children, John Gallaway and wife Chelsea of Casper, WY, and Sage Gallaway of Lubbock; grandchildren, Austin, Gracyn, Callie, and Jaxson; sister, Nancy Cooper and husband Don; and brother, Rex Gallaway.


The family asks that in lieu of flowers, gifts be directed to Partners in Development Worldwide-Asia, an organization that Randy and Mary Ann have long been associated with and support

Life Tribute


Location: Lake Ridge Chapel and Memorial Designers
Start Time:6:00 pm
End Time:8:00 pm

Funeral Service

Location: Southcrest Baptist Church
Start Time:2:00 pm
End Time:3:00 pm



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  1. Mary Ann,

    When I heard about Randy’s death, I began to reminisce about the many, many times we had on the Texas Tech and CBC campuses and in your home in Riverside. Helping Randy rebuild the motor on your car, sitting in his office there at CBC chatting, getting instructions from him on how to feed “Sadiky Burger” while the two of you went out of town… These are just a few of the many good times we had and I am grateful for all of them. I am also grateful for the encouragement that you and he were to me in my walk with Christ through those years. Thank you!

    I pray that God will comfort you as only He can during the days, weeks and months ahead.

  2. So grateful to God for Randy and his family when they served at the University of British Columbia with Baptist Student Ministries.
    God used Randy to teach us his word and learn from his life testimony of God’s faithfulness.
    May God comfort you during this time in his arms of love 💕.

  3. Randy Blessed my life with the abundant Love of Christ. He helped me in my Comedy Ministry years ago. Just a short while ago on the phone he once again touched my heart with Love. My Prayers for Mary Ann and Family are for Hope and Comfort.

  4. I have a vivid memory of Randy sharing his testimony in 1987 in North Vancouver, BC. I was awed by his lack of bitterness from the electrical accident and his enthusiastic love for God. He helped a leadership team establish and run a Christian club, which eventually became the largest club on campus at Capilano College. His testimony was inspiring to us all – he was so thankful for life itself and soooo loved God and wanted to serve Him. He invested heavily in our lives to ensure that we grew in our relationship with Christ. I will never forget his enthusiasm when speaking (one never fell asleep during his messages!), the great retreats that he provided leadership for, his positive energy, hopeful attitude, and his deep commitment to discipleship. So thankful he was in our lives at Cornerstone Christian Club.

  5. I in no way did I know this man or his family. I watched the Tribute Video and read his obit! I am not a young person, I just wanted to say to his wife and family, This man Randall, inspired me in so many ways! We, I complain over very small things! He was a true hero, May you REST IN PEACE SIR, Minerba (I am a Lubbock native-But now in the DFW area)

  6. Randy came to Weatherford for a visit with us (Rick and Vicki Spencer) and the Weatherford Jr. College BSU where Rick was director as he finished his degree at Seminary (about 1975). As we talked, I (Vicki) realized Randy would be a great speaker for my students at Weatherford Middle School where I was counselor. That was arranged and he spoke at an all school assembly where the students loved him. He answered their questions and had a wonderful impact on these young lives. He is one of the best men I have ever known. He and my husband are together now with Jesus.

  7. Our sympathy goes out to your family. In school Randy was one of the kindest, happiest guys I knew. He used his life for good always.
    I know he left a legacy to those who worked beside him in ministry.
    Blessings to all of you.

  8. Some lives are meant to be told, Randy has one of those lives that needs to be read. Thank you Randy for being honest in the way you share how tragic life can be when someone in your work environment is not only careless but unfeeling as well. The way you explain having to forgive every time the root of bitterness tries to form in your heart reminds me of Corrie Ten Boom and the guard who was so cruel to her and her sister, and Corries’ struggle to forgive him. If there is a person out there who needs to read a book to help them cope with their own handicapped life they need to read this one. Randy is truly an inspiration for the rest of us. Thank you Randy and Mary Ann for allowing others to glimpse into your lives and take some comfort and encouragement for our own struggles through life. May the Lord keep you close to Him always,
    your brother in Christ,
    Albert R.
    PS This has been taken from my book review of Randy’s book which can be can be found at…

  9. I am so thankful for the time I had with Randy in China. He taught we a lot, and one of the things I gleaned from him most is his relational way of sharing the Gospel with every stranger or friend. He was compassionate and ever self-sacrificing. It was evident he would give anything just so that one might know the love of Jesus. He will forever be missed and treasured. Mary Ann and family, my prayers are with you. I am truly grateful for your witness and mentorship.

  10. Even before I became pastor of the International Christian Fellowship, Randy and Mary Ann were involved with internationals in Lubbock. Randy always was a strong encouragement to me personally as well as to the ICF In our ministry to internationals. When God miraculously gave him life as a young man, who knew what a blessing Randy would become to the kingdom of God globally. It has been my privilege to know him as a fellow servant of God and as a friend.

  11. God bless you MaryAnn and your children in this time of sorrow and remembrance of the special life and work of Randy. He truly was an extraordinary person

  12. Mary Ann, I have to knowledge you for all you did for Randy in your 45+ relationship and marriage. He always had a real gleam in his eyes when he mentioned you. I was in the Mountain View group 1976 – 1978. Randy was one of the best mentors a young adult could ever have. I will always remember his voice and that smile. I am sad I did not have the opportunity to see him in recent years. He never left my heart and will stay there always. I was so blessed to have had contact with him in the last year. I am looking forward to seeing him in our next reunion to rejoice with our Lord. What a party that will be.

  13. Dear Ur Randy’s families and friends:

    I am his PIDW-Asia partner Miller Zhuang. Maybe you have not heard or heard about me from Randy or Maryann, here I am sharing this from Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. You may wonder what in the world we both are so apart but partnering each other so close for 18 years.

    All because by the grace of God, we two can be together serving China for FUN and so long. Randy and Maryann, you both are so FUN to be around with people and lot of people. That is why God brought you to China otherwise you will be India. Asian Partners International, thank you for allowing them served China since the beginning.

    Randy, you truly are a FUN servant in Christ. Faithful, Unconditional love and eNdurance Servant.

    In PIDW-Asia, many people think you as a Fundraiser. It is true. All these tough years, you raised fund for China by faith. You did not like it right at the beginning. I am a short guy and could not talk with Ur all face to face. But you are tall and did it because you obeyed the Lord. Also, you were truly a Friendraiser and Christ Followerraiser. Now, you and we can see the countless messages sending in through all over the world, especially, from China, where your travelled 37 times in the last 18 years. So many of them are friends and followers in Christ. Each year, Maryann always asked me to give her the number. Sorry, even now, my answer is a lot. We just could not count. Randy, for sure, you get the number now in Heaven. Jesus has our number.

    You came to me with some condition as I first met you at Canadian Southern Baptist Convention in Alberta, 1998. You sharped me when we had the handshake. I did not know later you and I shared the same shaking with million people around China and America. Your condition did not limited you, instead empowered you to share the most wonderful message to the world. The Unconditional Love of Christ. Sorry, for all these 18 years, you always wanted to talk but always with lot of restrictions. But you did it Jesus’ way and Paul’s way. Imitating Christ!!! You always showed and told your stories. I almost became your retailer as a translator. We really had fun together learning to make His message alive. Now, I lost you and do not how to shake hands with others. Maryann, am I too hardship to Randy? For 18 years, whenever, wherever, whatever, and whoever in need, I called him for help, he never rejected and always, “Miller, my friend, what can I do for you?” I just could not stop my tears as I am writing these. I never asked, “how are you doing?” You were so capable to do all things out of HIs love. You loved my people even more than a Chinese. You taught some many parents, “Always Love, Always forgive, Always encourage, Always serve and Always communicate.” You and Maryann also showed to us.

    The 37 trips to China and each would take 24 hours at least. It is 888 hours. You knew what that means for Chinese. Never ends! Not even counting travelled inland of China. There was a single complain from Randy. Always, “what is the next speaking?” I felt so bad that I always put more and more speaking for you. But you to me looked always wanting it. I understood NOW, God really allowed you this period of time to finish your tasks. You and Maryann showed us what the true meeting of “Never Give UP!” You are the great example of eNdurance to all our countrymen. That is the reason. So many of our co workers and friends cried out so loud to ask God kept you alive. Because we just wanted to see you one more time or can bring you to many of our friends needed encouragements from you. Their lives can be transferred from difficulties to different. Thank you, the only complete statement in Chinese you can said, “YONG BU FANG QI” “Never Give UP!” Yes! We will not give up this ministry.

  14. To Randy 致兰迪

    He, So real 他,如此真实
    With an iron hook and a might arm 以一副铁钩和义手
    Came to us 来到我们面前
    Smiling and welcoming curious people to touch with their own hands
    Those cold and strange hands 那些冰冷且奇怪的义具
    Embracing us with open arms 又在敞开怀抱的相拥中
    Without any delay, he presented a “hard” giant 毫无顾忌地呈上一副”硬邦邦”的身躯
    Just like a movie plot and characters 这如同电影般的情节与人物
    Came to us so vividly 如此活生生地来到我们面前
    Baptizing every one’s body, heart and soul whoever witnessed
    Can’t believe it, Can’t believe it 不敢置信、难以置信
    And have to believe 却不得不信
    Then, firmly believed 然后坚信

    He, So Warm 他,如此温暖
    Most time, could not understand 很多时候,并不能听懂
    What we just said 我们在讲什么
    Yet, he is a “foreigner” 因为,他是一位”外国人”
    But his smile never faded away from his face 但笑容从未在他脸上褪去
    Whoever asks with a need or desire 在每个人提出需求或渴望时
    Never a word of “No” came out 从未说过”不”字
    Did everything possible 想尽一切办法
    Made the wise come true, with the warm delivery 助心愿达成,将温暖送到
    Whenever didn’t understand or saw the tears 在听不懂又看到泪水的时候
    Making quit faces, even whistle 会做鬼脸、吹口哨
    Did everything brushing away the sadness 想尽办法拂去身边人脸上的忧愁
    With funny expressing and acts 滑稽的表情与举止下
    Hiding a truly warm heart 藏着一颗温暖的心❤

    Dear Randy 亲爱的兰迪
    Can’t believe and have to believe 不敢相信,却不得不信
    You are so real and warm 如此真实温暖的你
    JUST LEFT 就这样离去
    Sad sad, hurt hurt 呜呼哀哉,痛心疾首
    Left us in full tears 残留在眼中的泪花里
    Say bye to your incomplete body 再见你残缺的身体
    And your beautiful soul 和美丽的心灵
    Still contemplating, Still contemplating 还想,还想
    Quietly to let you know 悄悄地告诉你
    The power and trust of LOVE 那爱的力量与信念
    Already planted in out my heart! 已深植我心!!

    Lan, Lisa, with son Bill and daughter Ye with grieves
    Mid night of September 14, 2020 2020年9月14日深夜

  15. Mary Ann,
    Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family. God has Randy in his loving arms and Randy is well.
    Please take care if you and find your peace.
    Sharon and Troy Vinson

  16. Mary Ann, I am so sorry for you and your families loss, I to was a member of the BSU at Mountain View College from 1976 to 1978. I remember with great fondness the times I spent with Randy and you in those days. He was a beam of light that taught us God’s love and forgiveness and how to be christ-like. I remember the intensity Randy had when he would listen to me or others, while most people think about what to say next and want to interrupt Randy would wait till your finished and then sit there and formulate a response. I will be praying for you and your family. I am so happy I got to see you both a couple of years ago in Arlington. God Bless

  17. ..Randy was a great ambassador for Christ. His enthusiasm for the Gospel was contagious and his life was lived for the one who saved him. Our trips together were unforgettable. Our prayers are for Maryann and their family at this time. Heaven has received another great hero of the faith. Keith and Gill Davies

  18. Mary Ann. Marybelle and I are grieving with you. Randy has been a friend, a mentor, a colleague and a loving brother in Christ. Collegiate week will never be the same without Randy being there on our Canadian team. I am so thankful for our friendship and the incredible memories we share. I am so thankful for your years of ministry in Vancouver and Toronto and Randy’s continued support of University ministry in Canada. I am praying for God to bless you with peace that only He can give, and comfort and joy as you remember the amazing experiences you have shared for all these years. We are so thankful for Randy’s faith in Jesus and the promise that there is a great reunion awaiting us in heaven. I’ll keep praying for you and your family.

  19. Dear Maryann and family,
    I hurt with you.
    When Randy came to speak at a BSM conference in Edmonton, Mel asked if I would be his driver and give him a hand, He poured into my life from the time I picked him up at the airport, until I dropped him off 2 days later. His heart for people continues to inspire me today.
    I am great full for the hope of heaven and getting to reconnect there.
    Lyndon Breitkreuz

  20. Dear Maryann and family,
    I hurt with you.
    When Randy came to speak at a BSM conference in Edmonton, Mel asked if I would be his driver and give him a hand, He poured into my life from the time I picked him up at the airport, until I dropped him off 2 days later. His heart for people continues to inspire me today.
    I am great full for the hope of heaven and getting to reconnect there.

  21. Mary Ann,
    Over 40 years Emily and I have counted you and Randy our very dear friends and as our brother and sister in Christ. Many times we have shared our heartaches with each other, and many times we have enjoyed each other’s fellowship and fun and joys. And through all these years we have shared a common passion and calling for internationals and cross-cultural ministry. How grateful and indebted we feel toward both of you for the encouragement and friendship with you.
    Your ministry together has been giving hope to the world. In fact, we have thought of you many times recently as APOSTLES OF HOPE because of your message of encouragement all over the world. You have entrusted your story of following Christ and of God’s grace into thousands and thousands of hearts all over the world. So many are changed lives because of your witness of Christ.
    So many sentences in the Bible remind us of your passion for making disciples. “The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2 Tim 2:1). “Suffer hardship with me as a good soldier of Christ Jesus” (2 Tim 2:3). “Now faith, hope, love abide these three; but the greatest of these is love” (I Cor 13:13).
    We will miss Randy sorely, and we will pray for you and love you in your days ahead. How precious is Jesus’ promise of eternal life. Randy is with the Lord, and someday there will be a great reunion in heaven. What a day we look forward to!

  22. Prayers for the Gallaway family at this time. Randy lead an amazing life and had a wonderful testimony which he shared with the world. The mark he left on this world will not soon fade. The work he did left an indelible mark on the lives of people all over the world. He was a truly remarkable man. May the memories he made with his family and friends comfort them in the days ahead, and may they find comfort in the love Randy had for God and for His ministries worldwide.

  23. Dear Mary Ann and Galloway Family,

    Our hearts were grieved to hear of your . . . our. . . loss of Randy. For you, it is a deep and profound loss. For us, it is a sadness and loss that is inescapable. Our memories of Randy and how he walked with our Lord Jesus Christ and encouraged others to put their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord will endure.

    Memories of First “Meeting” & Knowing Randy

    I called concerned from the LA office to Texas, a Visa to obtain. He was handy!
    He gave me good information touched with humor at God’s work. That was Randy!
    Calling out with thanks and joy at the Lord’s provision,
    Randy helped us reach God’s call and see His infinite vision.

    Some will talk about being the HANDS and feet of Jesus,
    Yet Randy set a bar of usefulness that will never leave us.
    What was that Randy was without? Nothing that mattered,
    have no doubt! He rejoiced with God even when battered.

    There was one who was Randy’s second best friend to Jesus; who is our Eternal Infinite Best.
    Her name is Mary Ann Galloway. She stood by Randy’s side throughout; he was extremely blessed.
    Randy loved her through and through
    For all and more that Mary Ann would do.

    Not just for Randy’s special physical needs, or Texas football watching companion, others saw, much more did you meet.
    You helped him as a Suitable Helper, walking with the Holy Spirit ~ with prayer and truth, so that Satan could not defeat
    Any of the many and varied plans that God had for you two as one to do
    With God’s message through the loss and triumph that Randy well knew.

    The End. . . of the poem only! Randy’s true life has just begun with God, Jesus in Person, through the amazing work in conquering death at the cross by our Lord Jesus Christ. Two songs~ all the verses!: ” Amazing Grace” and “I have Decided to Follow Jesus” are sung in my heart and mind now.

    You and your family have been in our thoughts and prayers throughout the week. As I was reading from Charles H. Spurgeon’s “Faith’s Checkbook” I thought of you. It connected for me as you and Randy were living proof of what God has said about a man and woman married under and committed to God, that the two shall be one. It would seem that at times you each took the Palm or the Cedar position described here,

    “The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree, he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.” Psalm 92:12″

    Spurgeon teaches, ” Palms and cedars are ‘trees of the Lord,’ and it is by His care that they flourish. So it is with the saints of the Lord [you and Randy!]; they are His own care. These trees are evergreen and are beautiful in all seasons. Believers are not sometimes holy and sometimes ungodly; they stand in the beauty of the Lord under all weathers. The followers of Jesus are the observed of all observers; like a city set on a hill, they cannot be hid.

    The child of God flourishes like a palm tree, which pushes all its strength upward. It has no growth to the right or left, but sends all its force heavenward and bears its fruit as near the sky as possible.

    The cedar braves all storms and grows near the eternal snows, the Lord Himself filling it with a sap that keeps its heart warm and its bough strong. Lord, so let it be with me.” [September 17 Spurgeon Reading]

    We love you, Mary Ann. It has been an honor to work to move God’s Kingdom forward through the God-given work with you two saints, as Randy lead the way!

    Mike and Kennedy

  24. Dear Family
    I knew Randy in Canada during 1988, summer at University of Toronto. He was the chaplain and he started ministry on campus at that year. He helped many students during his stay in Canada. I met his family and children. I was helping to do small things in his Milton house during different period of time. I got the whole family well and traveled with him and Mary Ann in different trips. Randy was a model for spiritual leadership, father, husband, engineer, Bible teacher, preacher…………….. God has been using him and his family in amazing ways. It was amazing Randy and Mary Ann involved works in China. It was a breakthrough for his life and I was so pleased he traveled and told his story to many. When he went to China, we will meet up in Hong Kong or China. Randy and Mary Ann did a lot for others. It was sad to know Randy left. It is glad to know Randy is with the Lord , and he is now enjoying the time with the King.

    The works in China will not end. We will be praying and leaders will be keep going to serve.

    Thanks Mary Ann and family.

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