Norma Linda Lara

19650115 –


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Norma Linda Lara, a beautiful and courageous woman, left our world on January 31st, 2009. She was born to Trinidad and Nicholasa C. Zambrano and was preceded in death by father Trinidad and brother Rodolfo. She was employed by LISD for 21 years. 
She was a true believer in God and carried the love of Christ in her heart. Her faith was so strong that it provided a great support for those around her. There was a natural glow in her face from the peace she carried inside, which deemed a curiosity from those who didn’t know her. The life she lived was a constant inspiration for the people around her and will continue to be so. She was a woman with a tender heart for those in need. A supportive wife and mother, her kind spirit will continue to live on through the many lives she has touched. 
Survivors include husband of 27 years, Pete Lara, daughter Yvette Lara, son Matthew Lara, mother Nicholasa C. Zambrano, sisters Nickie, Ramona, and Renee, and brother Trinidad.



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