Mitch James

09/07/1968 –


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  • Memorial Service
Date: 06/17/2019
Time: 11:00 am
 – 12:00 pm


Mitchell Todd James went to be with his Heavenly Father Sunday, June 8, 2019.  Family and friends will gather to celebrate his life of 50 years at 11 a.m. on Monday, June 17, 2019, at Lake Ridge Chapel and Memorial Designers followed by a reception.

Mitch was born September 7, 1968 in Richland Hills, Texas, to parents LaRue Turner James and Geary Thomas James. He lived in North Richland Hills until he was ten. He and his family then moved to Altus, OK where he graduated from Altus High in1987.  He then went on to receive a B.S. from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford, OK.  After graduation, he worked for USDA as a warehouse examiner and worked there until his death.  With this job he lived in Holyoke, CO, and finally Amarillo.

In Altus, he often worked for his dad in the grain elevator business. His greatest past time love was working with horses. He and his dad enjoyed going to many team roping events around the Altus area.  They were also involved in bringing PRCA Rodeo to Altus.  He enjoyed meeting and working with the cowboys.

In later years he became involved with the family farm as his dad’s health waned. He helped his mother with the farm.

He is preceded in death by his father, Geary Thomas James; grandparents, Mary Walker Turner and Charlie Turner and Faye Rich James and Elmer James.

He is survived by his mother, La Rue James; sister, Susan Fife and her husband, Stewart;  nephews Noah, and Jeremy and his wife, Rebekah, nieces Aubrey and Vicky Fife; and two great nieces, Addelynn and Annabelle Conlee.


8 thoughts on “Mitch James”

  1. Linda Kolaski Hengst

    LaRue, Susie, and family,
    We’re so saddened by the shocking loss of Mitch so suddenly. He was so sweet, so nice, and such a caring individual. The love and support he had for his family was obvious for everyone to see. He’ll be missed by his Reeves family ‘down the road.’ Our hearts go out to y’all. If there’s anything we can do to help, please don’t hesitate to call. Love y’all.
    Linda Kolaski Hengst

  2. Douglas Shimmin

    LaRue it’s heart breaking to know your having to go through such a loss with the sudden and unexpected passing of Mitch. Mitch is very important to our family as Gary and you are also. We enjoyed the time spent with Mitch and especially enjoyed gathering over a good meal. It was always fun and enjoyable to look forward to cooking and sharing good food and company when Mitch would visit. Eating was something we all enjoyed doing and always ended it with talking about what we would have next time. I will forever think of Mitch when I hear someone say or end a sentence with “and things” . It’s comforting knowing that we share the love and time spent at the barn in Altus. Find your strength LaRue in the Lord and know that the father has you in his hands. Mitch will be missed by the Perez family and Shimmin family in Altus.

  3. Brent Thornton

    Mitch was a funny man. I have known him for several years. I have been in the grain business several years Mitch would come by and conduct grain audit for my company. First time he came in he said you look familiar to me and I said that he did too. He looked on the wall and saw my diploma from Southwest and said we graduated together. It saddens me that my friend is gone but I know that he is in a much better place. My heart goes out to his family. Truly a wonderful person. I will miss you Bulldog. Rest is peace my friend.

  4. LaRue and family, I have been shocked and still in my mind trying to believe that the passing of Mitch is real. Every harvest that comes makes me think even more of my dear friend Gary and his family who mean so much to me and my girls. My earliest memory of Mitch was when he was 10 years old hanging out with Dad at the elevator and being put to work. Growing up I always liked to tell Mitch jokes when I saw him to make him chuckle the way he does. I could remember wrestling with him when he was young and telling him to take it easy on this old guy but boy he wouldn’t. When ever he got done we both would be wore out and quickly decide where we were gonna have a burger to get our energy back. I could remember countless hours spent at the barn working the horses and watching riders at Garys barn and Mitch having a good ole time with us. Well, soon Mitch grew up and out a little bit just like me. I can remember how proud his Dad and I were when he graduated college and landed him a good job. Mitch was always good at what he does. I have so many good memories with Mitch at the elevators and at the barn. When ever Mitch moved away from Altus if he ever was passing through or close by he would call and let me know even if it were for just a little while. Sometimes he would surprise us and be sitting at the barn already calling saying that he was here. You know till this day the locks at the barn have never changed they are the same keys Gary James and his boy Mitch have had on their key rings for years. As long as I’m alive those keys will stay the same. Calls were made to the girls saying “Mitch is coming home see you at the barn”. Maria and the girls would quickly gather the things we needed and head to barn to start cooking him a good meal. I told him “you know I’ll have some cold ones waiting to go with it”. Mitch would chuckle and say “I’ll be there” Mitch was on the road a lot with his job and when ever he could come home we wanted to make sure it was always meaningfulI and he left with a belly full and that he did. I think that’s how we kept him coming back that’s at least what I told him anyway, again his signature chuckle. I enjoy being a part of your family LaRue and have been honored to have known such great men who have impacted my life they way that they have and accepted me and my family as part of theirs. La Rue you have always known that I’m just a phone call away and will always be here. Mitch, Me Maria and my girls will miss you dearly. Well until the next time we meet again I’ll be thinking of you until then and when we do Maria will fix you up a good one and I bring the cold ones for you and Dad.
    Always with love, Chico

  5. Ken & LaNell Stepp

    We have so many wonderful memories to cherish. Mitch was always willing to try new things and go anywhere. We shared early experiences in Altus at the horse barn and grain elevator with him and his Dad. Later Mitch became our co-worker and our friendship grew. There are memories of examiner training, conferences in Las Vegas, trips to the Pacific Northwest, evenings on the dance floor, dinners at Ruth Chris steakhouse, and many more too numerous to count. Mitch was a gentleman, a good friend, a hard worker and a good son to name a few of his outstanding qualities.
    His years on this earth were short, but the impact he made was huge. He will be missed by many. LaRue, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

  6. We were blessed to get to know Mitch through work. He started out as our warehouse examiner and then became a good friend over the years. Everyone here can tell stories of the random Sunday morning during harvest, when Mitch would stop by just to see how we were doing–box of donuts in hand and ready for another cup of coffee. If he was ever passing through the area around noon, it was a big deal to us that he stop by so we could all gather up and go to lunch. He was always up to try some different cuisine and had a way of making everything fun. We will miss him and our prayers go out to his mom and the rest of the family.

  7. Stephan Tangeman

    Mitch and I worked together for the past 25 years as warehouse examiners. We worked on several exams and audits together in at least 12 different states and several of the trips were two and three weeks in duration. When we worked on crew jobs all of us examiners liked being around Mitch because he was always reliable and such a fun guy to be around, whether at work or after hours. When not working together we would talk on the phone at least once a week and talked about our weeks work and everything else that was important to us. I will really miss those talks.
    When I heard about Mitch passing last Monday I was on vacation riding my bike across Kansas and after the news I didn’t feel like riding another mile. I asked myself what would Mitch do and his exact words would be “don’t let me hold you up” so I kept riding and finished the trip. That was the true Mitch, was always considerate and put everyone else first. Mitch really liked his job, he liked going to the farm, and he loved his mom and dad. They raised a fine son and he will be missed by all.

  8. It was my pleasure to have known Mitch for over 30 years as he was one of our grain examiners that always did a great job in that capacity for us at Dumas Coop. Through the years many of us developed a great friendship with Mitch as well and we will certainly miss him. Our thoughts and prayers for all of his family and friends.
    Delana Hays
    General Manager
    Dumas Coop
    Dumas, Tx .

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