Mireya Yarel Salas

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Mireya Yarel Salas, 23 months, of Lubbock, Texas went home to heaven on Saturday, May 26, 2018, in Omaha, Nebraska.

Mireya was often referred to as our “Sweet Lil Punkin Pie.”  She was a ray of sunshine in our family with a sassy pants attitude. Mireya brought our family closer to God with daily intentional prayers for her.  She gave us hope and blessed us with her precious infectious smile! We all love her very much and she will be dearly missed, but never forgotten.

Mireya was born on June 9, 2016, to parents Ryan Salas and Victoria Samarripa.

Mireya’s loving family includes her paternal grandparents, Manuel and Margaret Gonzales; and aunt, Serena Salas.   Maternal grandparents, George and Diana Rangel and maternal grandfather, Steven Samarripa; aunt and uncle, Kassandra and Dominic Mendez; aunts, Mia and Ava Rangel; uncle, Andrew Rangel; and cousins, Dominic Jr. and Darren Mendez. 

Mireya was preceded in death by her uncle, D’Angelo Salas; and aunts, April and Mireya Salas.

We want to thank the many WONDERFUL caregivers that cared for our angel baby Mireya through her journey here on earth!  We were extremely blessed by so many health care providers who deeply touched our lives and gave us the will and strength to endure throughout Mireya’s illnesses. We also want to thank all of our family and friends who walked along side us with their thoughts and prayers.



15 thoughts on “Mireya Yarel Salas”

  1. Dora Davila Rodriguez

    I am so sorry for your loss. I love you. Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe you have to believe that Mierya was here for a reason and your connection could never be broken.

  2. Mike & Cassandra Zamarripa

    Our family sends their deepest condolences. Our prayers will always be with all. Baby Mireya will always have a place in our hearts forever.
    We love you all

    Mike & Cassandra & Family

  3. IM sorry sis i love you things will get better we love you and we will support you through tough times love ya sis fly high my baby

  4. Sorry sis i love you now she is not suffering anymore and she is our baby in heaven love you and i wish she was not gone either but god called her home fly high my baby ?????? she made your life compeat and she will always do that!!!

  5. Sorry sis it will get better bc we will get through this together and now she is in a better place now and she is not hurting anymore and i know she said no sad goodbyes so lets respect her wishes yeah it hurts but you got a shoulder to cry on and we can go visit her anyday and she is looking down and saying why is mom sad and that’s why she is going to be sad and we don’t want that We are truly sorry for your loss.words cannot express what you might be going through remember everything has a purpose in life no matter how much it may hurt us God has his reasons for everything Remember that she was a grate part of you as you were to her young Life. She is now another little Angel watching over all of us May the Lord Bless you and bring you Peace we love you sis and she as your baby and that will never change sis love you ?????❤

  6. sorry sis it will get better and you will always be a mom by hart love so much fl high my baby.

  7. Ok so my baby has been gone for so long and my sister has been going thru a tough time and she was a wonderful mom anyone would be lucky to have her in there lives just like MIREYA YAREL IS she puts all her things last and her baby first ALL I CAN ASK IS TO KEEP HER IN PREYERS I love my sister and when she sees thins I hope she knows that I have her back and everyone is here to support you love you FLY HIGH MY BABY R.I.P MIREYA YAREL

  8. Dang almost been gone for 1 whole year fly high my baby love you i know its hard sis love you

  9. DANG just looking back at memories it makes me just want to scream like no one is watching and she has almost been gone for one whole year she was a big part of all of our life and it is just really hard without her and I want to say thank you to all the care givers that where there for her they where so much help thank you so much for working so hard with her she is one of a kind nothing can ever replace her I love her and shed will be deeply missed but now she is not suffering and she is in no more pain and I am happy that she isn’t but I miss her a lot and so does her mom and her mom goes thru a lot and she really misses her and I hope that she can visit you in your dreams sis she loves you and you love her and my sister goes thru a lot and I hope god can heal her and make her think positive and I love her and I love that she has someone by her side and that is good because she doesn’t have to go thru this a lot and I am happy that she has a family to tell us when she is sad and then she has a lot of shoulders to cry on and then she cant go thru this alone she has been through a lot she was 13 hours away and she was giving her all to her baby because her baby meant the world to her and she meant a lot to me and our family while she was in OMAHA NABRASKA she was there at the clinic with her and she would always call my mom when she thought something was wrong I love you sis I know its hard and I love you and her FLY HIGH MY BABY LOVE YOU AND LOVE YOU SIS

  10. Dang happy 3rd birthday my baby I love you and I miss you so much I wish you were here but now you are in a better place now I love you so much you made my day everyday and there is one thing that changed when you left and that was everything but I love you and I miss you fly high my baby I love you

  11. Miryea salas you w\are deeply missed i love you soo much you are my world and to have you gone for so long hurts love you fly high❤?

  12. i love you and miss you my love fly high we miss you soo much i wish yu were still here with us i love and miss you and your mom misses you too love you my love fly hight i love you from

    your tia Ava

    I love you

  13. I love you are deeply missed i love you and i wish that you were still here with me i love you to the moon and back you mean the world too me i miss you

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