Dr. Lindsay Gragowski

19761209 –


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Lindsay Anne was born on December 9, 1976, to John and Alene Gragowski in Ft. Huachuca, Arizona. Lindsay, in forty years squeezed in a lot of living. She was a remarkable young lady whose life was far too short. During her youth she lived in Germany and Italy and traveled to France, England and the Netherlands. While there she attended schools for military dependants always excelling academically. In the United States she lived in Arizona, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana and Kansas. In American public schools she also excelled going from Kindergarten through High School while always being on the Honor Roll. Lindsay was active physically, earning a black belt in karate with a round house kick that was exceptionally fast. At 14, she was stricken with Arthritis and that curtailed her greater physical activities but did not stop them. When her hands became so weak that she was losing function in them she took up serious drawing and began a love for playing video games. Her art was nothing but dramatic. She could free hand draw a ninja turtle that could have easily been used on their cartoons. Later she branched out into super heroes and began to develop her pictures’ anatomies through a physician’s practiced eyes. She was a collector of super hero comic books and also their action figures. Her home is decorated with thousands of small to large figures, pictures, swords and other action figure knick-knacks. Going through medical school was the crowning achievement in Lindsay’s life. In third grade she proudly told her parents that she wanted to be a doctor and that is exactly what she set out to do. Texas Tech was a great choice for her where the doctors and nurses supported her when it became a bit physically challenging. When she finished medical school they would not let her leave, keeping her on staff in the Physicians Pavilion. When walking sometimes became difficult, the staff would wheel her around in a wheel chair even going so far as to take her to her car. Lindsay truly loved her work at UMC and enjoyed doing things for everyone there, as well as helping anyone in need. Knowing that she had been blessed by the Lord, Lindsay was generous with her money, time and assistance. We will miss her greatly.
Survivors include her parents, John and Alene Gragowski; brother, John F. Gragowski and wife, Julie; niece, Ryleigh Gragowski; nephews, Alex and Jaxon Gragowski; and her furry friends, Merry, Zoey, and Fred.

Dr. Lindsay Gragowski passed away Tuesday, May 9, 2017.


In lieu of flowers the Gragowski family suggests memorial contributions be given to the Haven Animal Care Shelter, 4501 N CR 1729, Lubbock, Texas 79403, www.havenacs.org.


27 thoughts on “Dr. Lindsay Gragowski”

  1. All my love and prayers to Lindsay’s family. She will be greatly missed here at TTUHSC. She always had a smile no matter what she was feeling that day.

  2. Amanda Anderson

    My condolences to the Gragowski family. I was very saddened to hear of Lindsay’s passing. She always did wear a smile on her face no matter how she was feeling inside. Dr. Gragowski was a caring physician, great friend, a happy person, and an excellent artist. Prayers to the family. God Bless!

  3. Patti Patterson

    Lindsay was a gifted and compassionate pediatrician. She loved her patients, her family and her God. She was a great colleague and friend. You will be greatly missed Dr. G. Rest well dear friend.

  4. Lindsay was a Blessing to everyone she met. I have a lot of memories going all the way back to her years in Medical School and working with her at the hospital during her Pediatric Residency. Lots of late nights at the Nurses station with great conversations, being amazed by her drawings and friendship. One thing that was always so evident during these conversations was that she had a Heart as Big as Texas and she loved her whole family in a way that could not even be measured. Just last week she walked up when I was sharing a picture of my granddaughter, she asked to see and then asked if she could show me her family. She shared pictures of everyone! So evident the love that she felt for each one of you. At times when things seemed impossible…she ignored the impossibilities, an inspiration to us all. My thoughts and prayers are with each one of you during this time,

  5. I worked with Dr. Gragowski since January 2017 . She left a very special hand print on my heart. In the short time we spent together I learned how much she loved her family, her four legged furry babies, all her special patients and coworkers. She shared her talents of drawing, making figurines, and her delight of travel. She was a very special lady. I respected her as a physician and person. I enjoyed working with her every day. My condolences to her family and friends. She will be missed. .

  6. DaQuita Mitchell

    My heart felt condolences to the family..she was an amazing doctor and I loved the way she took care of her patients especially my daughter Jazzy she never made me feel dumb or what I thought was not important..she always praised me on such a great job I was doing and I what a great mother I was to my daughter..she was with us from 2 weeks and she was like family and I will.miss seeing her face…my she rest in peace

  7. Nita Kuttikandathil

    Medical school has truly taught me the importance of being present in every moment and I’m thankful I had Dr. Gragowski as a mentor along the way. I will appreciate our short walks & talks after P3 meetings even more now that Dr. Gragowski is no longer with us. She put her heart into her work and helped the lives of many. She had a lasting impact on patients, students, and co-workers, so in that way I believe she will be with all of us forever. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of her family and friends.

  8. Lindsay was a tremendous blessing to everyone with whom she came in contact. Despite her physical challenges, she would always volunteer with a smile. She used her art to connect to patients and so many loved her so much because she made the effort to truly care about them. She did not shy away from the difficult challenges in patient care. She will be missed and will leave a large hole in our lives. It was a privilege to know you as a student, resident and colleague.

  9. Claudia Dawson

    Lindsey was an exceptional person. She always had such an amazing spirit and love for life. I so enjoyed her as a resident and as she became an attending physician. Her superhero artwork was awesome. She will be sorely missed. RIP Lindsey!

  10. It has been a privilege to be Dr. Gragowski’s colleague. For nine years she and I worked together in the Pavilion Pediatric clinic. She gave her best effort every day to ensure children received the care they needed. I trusted her clinical judgement and she never failed to listen carefully and advise when asked. If we needed to search for an answer, she could read faster than anyone I’ve ever known! She was a loyal and generous friend who loved to share funny, quirky internet cartoons, her latest art drafts, and photos of her family and furry friends. So many times I’ve seen her do thoughtful things for people, just to make us all a little happier. I will miss her, but I’m so grateful for the time we spent together.

  11. R.I.P. Lindsay. You were always a good and true friend the short time I knew you in Kansas. My condolences go out to your great family.

  12. It has been a great honor a blessing to have know Lindsay andnto call her friend she has touched the life of many and there will never be one like her. Lindsay will be missed.

  13. My sincerest condolences to the Gragowski family. I was just talking about Dr. Lindsay with some co-workers about not only how good she has been to my daughter but to me as well by always getting on me about smoking. She has been a great asset to my family and I truly don’t know what I will do without her as she is the only physician I have ever trusted with my angel since the day we met in NICU. She will truly be missed.

  14. Shelly Craddick

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Gragowski Family. Dr G was a wonderful and caring person, and she will be missed.

  15. I was sad when I heard the news that the Dr Passed Dr G was my special Need son doctor he loved her dearly and was sad when I told him she would do anything and everything to make sure he was happy and Dr G would loved to joke around with him she was the Best Doctor my son had Dr G will be Greatly missed RIP

  16. Lesley Motheral

    Lindsay was a great person. She had such a positive outlook on life. When I was an intern, she was my senior resident. I remember call nights where she guided me in taking care of very ill children. We also had call nights where she would share her love of art while we were studying. She had a love for life that was contagious. Lindsay will be forever missed! Prayers for the Gragowski family.

  17. This makes me so sad, she was a wonderful Dr. for my niece. She helped me tremendously to get specialized care for my niece.
    She will be missed.
    Katrina Love / Alyssa Oler

  18. Lindsay used her artistic talent to bring joy to one of my patients saddened by prolonged hospital stay. Her action hero drawing brought a lot of happiness to my patient. She came to clinic with baked goods or snacks for everyone – her generosity was always genuine. We enjoyed working together for the care of mutual complicated asthma patients. She was a pride and blessing for her family. My heart is saddened by her passing and I am blessed to have known her.

  19. Simon Williams

    Lindsay and I shared a P3 group a few years ago. She was always positive and engaging and an inspiration for the students and me. She will be greatly missed by her students, patients and colleagues.

  20. Jasmina Cerda-Trevino/Anaiz Trevino

    Dr. Gragowski was part of my life for as long as my eldest has been on this earth. She guided me with my daughters, AJ, asthma. With her help my daughter hardly gets any attacks anymore. My daughter’s heart is broken as she always felt safe and we’ll taken care of by Dr. Gragowski. My condolences to her family.

  21. Dr. Gragowski interviewed me for medical school on a day that I had larangitis and had completely lost my voice. She was very kind and thoughtful and we still managed to have a fascinating conversation about Tim Burton films and characters, along with the philosophical merits of our healthcare system. Attending TTUHSC was one of the best things that’s ever happened to me and it’s largely thanks to her kindness on that day. Three years later I was thrilled to shadow her for two weeks during my pediatrics rotation. She was amazing with her patients, and loved discussing her art work. Those two weeks were truly a highlight of Med school. I am so grateful for these opportunities to cross paths with Dr. Gragowski.

  22. I did my pedi residency in Lubbock; very saddened to hear about Lindsay , she was always a very friendly and cheerful person. Condolences to her family . I know she will be greatly missed by many .

  23. Denise Estenson

    John, I am so sorry to hear about Lindsey. She achieved a lot in her short life and was remarkable in our eyes. Our prayers are with you both. Let me know if I can do anything. We are in Phoenix AZ for my best friend funeral and will be back by the 23. Gods speed my friends. Darrell and Denise Estenson

  24. Dr G was our grandson’s pediatrician from birth until he had to leave due to insurance changes 3 years ago. It was hard to leave some one who had seen us through growth hormone deficiency diagnosis and ADHD. She was always so kind and eager to hear about what he was doing in school and scouts as well as having a true understanding of his unique needs. We would always ask if she was in clinic when visiting the endocrinology clinic down the hall. The children of Lubbock will miss you dearly.

  25. My daughters and I are truly shocked and sadden upon learning of Dr. G”s passing! She has been such a caring pediatrician to my girls. Always a listening ear and reassuring us on any worries or question’s that we had. There isn’t nor will ever be another pediatric Dr like Dr. G and we’ll that scares me. Our prayers and condolences to the family! RIP Dr. G!! You will be missed!

  26. So sorry to hear about what happened. I found out when setting my daughter appt. was so emotional all day hearing the news . She was a great person . Let the Lord give your family strength. Sorry so late. Wish I could have paid my respects.

  27. Jesicca Huffman

    I am so saddened to her the news of Dr. G. I first met Dr. G as a student who happened to be lucky enough to shadow her. She was such an amazing lady, and the passion that she had for her patients was nothing short of inspiring. When my husband needed to do some shadowing as a pre-med student, I knew just the lady. I reached out to her, and she was so quick to help him. As we are considering starting a family of our own, we made sure to let her know we absolutely wanted her to be our pediatrician. She will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

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