Ches Carthel

12/09/1960 –


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  • Visitation
Date: 11/12/2021
Time: 6:00 pm
 – 8:00 pm
Lake Ridge Chapel and Memorial Designers

6025 82nd Street Lubbock, TX, US, 79424

6025 82nd Street Lubbock, TX, US, 79424

  • Memorial Service
Date: 11/13/2021
Time: 2:00 pm
 – 3:00 pm
Lake Ridge Chapel and Memorial Designers

6025 82nd Street Lubbock, TX, US, 79424

6025 82nd Street Lubbock, TX, US, 79424


The family of Ches Carthel will celebrate his life of 60 years at 2:00 PM on Saturday, November 13, 2021, at Lake Ridge Chapel and Memorial Designers. His family will host a time of fellowship and remembrance from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, Friday, November 12, 2021, at Lake Ridge Chapel and Memorial Designers. He passed on Monday, November 8, 2021. We invite you to view the live-streamed service on this page, sign his virtual guestbook, and download his memorial keepsake folder to your device for printing. We also ask you to consider viewing his Life Tribute, a video of photographs set to his favorite music.

On December 9, 1960, Theodore Chester was born to Theodore and Sally Carthel in Lockney, TX.

Ches had many names and many hats. Husband, son, father, Papa, engineer, the fixer man, Texan first and proud patriot. He wore all of them proudly, along with his favorite Tech shirts and jeans. His “uniform” was undoubtedly him—casual, structured.

Born and raised in Lockney, Texas, during an apparent baby boom—his mother, Sally, was ready to give birth in the hall before finally being ushered into a room, where they put Sally and Ted’s second child, not into a crib, but a laundry basket. Hey—if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it they say.

Well, Ches could fix anything, and as his favorite shirt would say “If Papa can’t fix it, you’re screwed.” Growing up on a farm, Ches helped out early, driving a tractor as young as eight. Early on, with Sally being a teacher, she instilled a love of learning in him.

Maybe it was his small-town, boy-scout childhood, that sparked an interest in engineering, but when a speaker came to his high school his junior year to talk about the field of engineering, Ches was hooked, literally. A problem-solver, a person who does nothing but fix things, a math challenge that can help people. It was perfect.

He was a band drum major in high school and played the trumpet. Once, a band director told him, “If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late.” Clearly a defining moment, Ches was punctual and orderly. So serious as a kid, his family lovingly and jokingly called him the “The Judge.” Ches and his sister Catherine grew up with those small Texas values and hard-working attitudes.

He met his first wife, Susan, at Texas Tech in a karate class. He graduated from Tech with a bachelor’s degree in 1984 and a master’s degree in 1986.  In 1990 Ches and Susan welcomed Matthew, and three years later, Megan was born. The family moved to Plainview, where Ches was the Director of Public Works for the City of Plainview in 1995.

In 1999 he moved to Lubbock to be the Chief Water, utility engineer.

Early fatherhood was spent making mac-n-cheese and weenies, a local delicacy so special it made its way into the hottest cookbook in town, Megan’s elementary class cookbook, for many to enjoy. Board games, trips to Schlitterbahn and Carlsbad Caverns were highlights of their time together. Simple fun was how he showed love. He constantly encouraged them to grow their minds, experience past times, and explore. Ches was greatly looking forward to Megan, and her fiancé Jakob’s, wedding in the summer.

On March 15, 1999, Ches’ life changed forever. He took his soon-to-be best friend on a date to the County Line, where they would later promise forever under a tent and dance the night away at their wedding night. Ches met Laquita at the Plainview Toastmasters and Lions Club, where they were both members. Tall, obviously handsome, intellectual, and confident, Laquita was instantly smitten, but of course, is far too much of a catch to say yes to a date the first time. Eventually, she agreed to a casual coffee…then grilled steaks…a move to Lubbock…and said “I do” at the County Line on September 23, 2000, where they had their first date. When you look at their love, it’s easy to see why—a lavender tea or simple footy pajamas Laquita liked, suddenly were always there, in every style imaginable. A secret romantic, he’d remember it all. They loved to travel, and he loved her immensely.

With Laquita, came more family and love. Her daughter, Tiffany, and her son Jadon. He loved them as his own and they were his children.  Ches and Laquita walked Tiffany down the aisle at her wedding to Tommy Mainord in June 2002. Tommy was another child to Ches and was most loved due to his coaching career and the endless team apparel that was shared with Ches.

Ches and Laquita’s granddaughter, Allie, came to live with them in 2007. Ches was devoted to raising her and accepted her as his own child, along with all the responsibilities that came along with it. When Allie was a child, he would wake her up with a glass of chocolate milk, a straw and cartoons on the couch every day. Every Friday, Ches would have lunch with Allie at Honey Elementary, hardly ever missing a Friday. A special moment they both cherished and looked forward to every week.

Maecee was born in March 2005 to Tommy and Tiffany, and their son, Davis born in September 2007. Ches was proud to be there and watch them grow up. His heart was filled going to their sporting events and checking in on school and life. He always found ways to be involved and encourage learning.

Ches enjoyed spending time with the littlest grandson, Jaxx.  They did many projects, spent time outside, played, went to the park, and of course, learned all of Papa’s wisdom.

Ches started his own business, Carthel Engineering Solutions, in 2003, where he worked with small ag businesses, small municipalities, and local developers. His job was a passionate career, building a successful business quickly. Ches and Laquita shared office space for close to a decade, until three years ago. Laquita was careful to stay on her own side to avoid the mountains of papers.

Ted and his wife, Brenda, spent many years traveling with Ches and Laquita. Holidays, Aflac trips, and road trips to see family were all fond memories.  Sally moved seven blocks from Ches in 2017. It was a blessing to live so close and have cookouts, lunches on Wednesdays, and playing Rummikub. On his way to work every morning, he’d drive by her house, honk and wave. He was a devoted son to his mother. He would have built, sanded, and re-stained a hundred more decks for her.

In the last few years, Ches and Laquita were able to spend more time together as work-life eased. They were even able to take his bucket list trip to the Panama Canal in 2019. It was the trip of his lifetime.

Ches was a traveler. He loved to live life to the fullest. His home and grill were always open for anyone. He earned a black belt in karate, collected guns, and had dreams to build a library in the basement—even if some of the books were duplicates. He loved to read, especially about history. These were just a few of his favorite things. He had the gift of hospitality, the lust for life, a drive to fix, and had so, so many more plans for life.

Survivors include his wife, Laquita Carthel; children, Tiffany (Tommy) Mainord, Jadon (Ashley) Sessums, Matthew Carthel, Megan (Jakob Matthiessen) Carthel, Allie Sessums; grandchildren, Maecee Mainord, Davis Mainord, Jaxx Sessums; father, Ted Carthel, and mother Sally Carthel; sister, Catherine Adams.


In lieu of flowers, the family is asking for donations to Meals on Wheels.

Celebration of Life


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