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Angela Dawn DeMarco passed away Sunday, November 26, 2017. Family and friends will gather to celebrate her life of 41 years on Friday, December 1, 2017, at 6 p.m. at Broadway Church of Christ in Lubbock, TX. A tribute of Angela’s life may be found at, where you may leave memories and expressions of sympathy for her family.
Angela Dawn was born on February 12, 1976, to John DeMarco and Nancy Shorf Guard in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. Angela graduated from high school in Huntsville, TX. She later went on to receive her bachelor’s degree in Education from Texas Tech University and then her master’s degree from Lubbock Christian University. Angela was a beloved educator who taught U.S. History at Hutchinson Middle School for almost 15 years touching the lives of hundreds of students.
When she wasn’t teaching, Angela could be found on the phone talking to her mother, tailgating at Red Raider Football games, telling one of her many funny stories, reading a novel, delighting us with her cooking, or spending time with her family and friends. “She was smart, funny, and satirical in just the right amounts–and sensitive, empathetic, and caring in the same breath.” If you were lucky enough to have met Angela, she was someone you would never forget.
Survivors include her mother, Nancy Guard and Robert; father, John DeMarco; siblings, John DeMarco and wife, Donna; Lea Rowe and husband, Michael; Rick Guard and wife, Sarah; Christine Kirstin and husband, Larry; Mikki Palumbo and husband, Frank; and Robert Guard; nephews, Austin and Carter DeMarco; Levi Guard, Aiden Rowe, Frank Palumbo; Nathan and Brandon Kirstin; and maternal grandmother, Gloria Shorf. Angela is also survived by her loving Lubbock Family.


31 thoughts on “Angela DeMarco”

  1. I am saddened to hear of the passing of Ms. DeMarco. She made our classes at Lubbock Christian University fun and engaging. She even encouraged us to show our crazy side every now and then. Some of my favorite memories from LCU were spent in her class. Her passion to teach was matched only by her compassion for her students. She will truly be missed. May God bless and keep you in peace as you mourn your loss.

  2. I’ve had the privilege of knowing you since junior high. Now into our adulthood and knowing our paths were going to be together again was a bright point in my life. I hate that such an amazing spirit of God’s was called back so soon.

    You will be fondly remembered as my friend from our childhood and then as adults. Prayers to your family. Because I know heaven is already enjoying all that is Angela!

  3. Linda spangenberg bowyer

    Nancy and family. … most sincere condolences in the loss of your beloved Angela. My prayers are with you.

  4. I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am praying for comfort, strength, and peace for you.

  5. I am saddened beyond belief. I am sending my deepest sympathies to you and your family. May your wonderful memories of Angela carry you through this time of grief.

  6. Gary and Dee Claxton

    Sending our condolences to you and your family.. I pray your fondest memories of Angela be present during the memorial and throughout your life. We pray for comfort and peace during your time of grief.

  7. I was so sad to hear about Angela’s passing from this world. I know heaven is an ever happier place with her in it. Angela was such a joy to be around when she was at York. Praying for all of her family, her students, and all who lived her. May you have peace and comfort from all your precious memories. Gail Miller

  8. So very sorry for your loss Angela was a joy to know. I worked with her at Sam’s Club for years and took care of her as a nurse she smiled no matter what the circumstances were. She was a pleasure to be around period and I’m sure she was an excellent teacher full of passion and touched the lives of many. Prayers for the days ahead for her family and friends.

  9. I know how much Angela meant to you. I know she walks with God now. My heart goes out to you. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy. Please take care of yourself. Call if you’d like 440-729-1896. prayers and HUGS!!!

  10. I am so very sorry to hear about Angela’s passing. We taught together and she was truly one of the best teachers around. Praying for comfort and peace during this time.

  11. Teachers are there to educate, inspire, and encourage. However, some of them impact their students more than the rest. Ms. Demarco was definitely one of the few. She was one of those teachers who I looked up to, and made an effort to stay in contact with after my LISD education. Coach Demarco had an incredible way of connecting and relating with her students. When she wasn’t telling us funny childhood stories, she was informing us of all of her favorite things (Dr. Pepper 10 for men, the red skittles, justin Bieber, etc.) Students would find many ways to incorporate those things as gifts for her to show their appreciation for who she was as a teacher and leader. A favorite memory of mine was when a friend of mine and I snuck into her classroom at Hutch, hid underneath her desk, and spooked her when she returned. I will always be thankful for her constant encouragement and love that she continued to instill in me even when I was no longer her student.

  12. Lisa Berger Parker

    Shocked to hear this news. My prayer are with the family, that the are being comforted in God’s loving hands. Angela cracked me up and we were on the same wavelengths for many jokes. Thank you for the laughs. ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Ms. DeMarco was one of the funniest, caring, and thoughtful teachers I’ve had throughout my life. She made every day in the classroom a enjoyable one and always knew how to connect with her students. When I went back to Hutch, she was the first teacher I thought to see and immediately remembered me with a bright smile on her face when I entered her classroom. She is one of the reasons I’ve decided to dedicate my life to teaching, leading, and inspiring children in the classroom. If there was one word you could use to describe her it would be passionate, and that’s what I plan to be with my work to honor her’s and her life. May her sweet soul Rest In Peace.

  14. Shocked and saddened. Can’t imagine the heartache the family is feeling at this sad time. My sincere condolences.

  15. Diane DeMarco Hariel

    My prayers and condolences go out to my brother, John, Nancy and all family. May God wrap His arms of comfort and love around each of you. Angela, say hello to the rest of the family for us. Love to all.❤️

  16. Ms. DeMarco has left a permanent mark on the hearts of my two girls. They both had her at Hutch and my youngest has returned every two weeks to see her since she left Hutch to start high school. Saw her the day before her surgery and they cut up giggled and hugged. There have been lots of tears at my house this week. It is a difficult thing to come to terms with. I am forever grateful to Angela for the wonderful things she taught my girls and the way she treated them. She is truly one of the best teachers my girls have ever known. My home has been filled with “Angela quotes” all week! She will be very missed! but never forgotten! Prayers to all of her family and friends!

  17. Shawn glendenning

    I never had the pleasure of meeting her family but I am one of the many students she blessed with her story’s she changed my life and I belive although she died young she lived long enough to make a difference in this world

  18. Charles and Laura Nell

    Angela was a wonderful person. She was always so happy and a joy to talk to. If she ever had a bad day – she sure never let you know it. She made a positive impact on so many lives and will always be greatly missed. Our hearts go out to her family, friends, and so many students she has taught.

  19. Lisa (Dunnam) Shoup

    I was shocked and saddened to learn of Angela’s passing. She was such a funny, fun loving, kind, friendly…I could go.on and on. She could light up any room. She will be greatly missed.

  20. Kelly Keeland Peck

    I am just heartbroken to hear about Angela’s passing. We met in junior high, and we’re just exchanging book suggestions a few weeks ago. She was always the brightest light in the room. A warm, loving, smart, beautiful person. She touched many lives, and we’re all better for having her in ours. My most sincere condolences to all of her family, friends and students. To say that she’ll be missed is a gross understatement. -Kelly Keeland Peck

  21. Ms. DeMarco was one of the greatest educators I’ve ever encountered. She was not just a teacher, she didn’t just spell out facts for her students and want them to memorize what she wrote on the board. She taught us what we needed to know, curriculum-wise, but her lessons expanded far beyond what was in our textbooks or on our standardized tests. She was kind, empathetic, caring, and intelligent. At the time I never recognized how remarkable it was that she could make a classroom full of awkward middle schoolers laugh together and feel comfortable speaking up, being themselves, and learning openly. She made students feel heard and appreciated, and she respected us even as the authority figure in her classroom. I have never had another teacher or professor who made an effort to keep up with their students in the way that Ms. DeMarco kept up with hers. She was inclusive with her love and did not forget her students when they left her classroom; they simply graduated into her friends and peers. Thank you, Ms. DeMarco, for all of the light you spread to the people around you. Rest in peace, sweet woman.

  22. This week I lost a dear, childhood friend. I was in complete shock, honestly I still am. We had slumber parties, school functions, the typical things friends share. Angela DeMarco was a regular in the Bruce home. Welcomed, loved, and accepted as if she were a Bruce. She was the best at making lemonade out of lemons. She always had a smile, and a joke, to lighten any mood you were feeling. She was smart, of course, but her truly remarkable quality was that of kindness. She was kind to everyone, and I mean everyone. Sure, she struggled with the things most teens do, but she never let it get in her way of compassion and empathy towards others. She taught me a lot. And while we grew apart, like lots of childhood friends do (at least in distance) we still could give each other shit for our respective loves of UT and Texas Tech. I mean, her last post on FB was a jab at Texas after Tech beat us. But still, Angela never let that get in the way of the bond you form with someone in your teens. I’ve read so many posts from her former students of the remarkable impact she has had in their lives. She literally helped change the trajectory for some of her students. How? She loved them. She loved each and everyone of those kids as her own. She invested her life for the betterment of theirs. I can’t think of anything more important one could devote their life to doing. And when things got tough, she persevered. She kept going. We can all learn a lot from my friend. I’m completely heartbroken that she was taken so soon- it makes you question your own life, at least it has me. What good am I doing in this world? Do I see every challenge as an opportunity to make an impact. I wonder if she knew- if she knew the outpouring of sorrow not just because she’s gone, but of what she did while she was here. If you didn’t get a chance to know my childhood friend, I’m sorry. She will be greatly missed by so many, including me. But if memory serves me correctly, she would make some joke about all the fuss we’re making over her. She never wanted the spotlight- but sometimes it can’t help but shine on someone we should all open our eyes to see and learn from. Miss you so much friend!!!

  23. Dear Mr. and Mrs. DeMarco and Family,
    I’m so sorry for your tragic loss. Angela was a wonderful person in many ways. Please be comforted in that she improved the lives of those around her and the memories of her will live on.
    Take Good Care,
    Matt Yubas

  24. I want to express my heart-felt sadness and sympathy to Angela’s mother, Nancy, her brother John, and all of Angela’s family, friends, students, co-workers, and classmates over her sudden passing. She brought love, joy, laughter and light to all who knew her. I was blessed to be one of those. I was Angela’s 8th grade American history teacher and I will always remember her eagerness, enthusiasm, smile and those beautiful, brown eyes as she looked up at me truly loving learning. She had a passion for learning and she passed that on to her students. I will always remember her excitement about her project on Mary Todd Lincoln. I cherish my memories of Angela. I have always loved her and been so very, very proud of her and I always will. I want to say to her students, past and present, that she truly loved you and is also so very proud of you. She has left a legacy that will continue forever. She made me glad that I became a teacher. I am so blessed to have had her as a student. Her enthusiasm was contagious. She made me want to be a better teacher. She inspired me just as she inspired all of you.
    My prayers are with your family and all those whose lives you touched. You will always be in our heart. You truly made a difference in this world and you will always be remembered and loved.
    May God bless all of you and give you His peace, strength and comfort today and in the days to come.

  25. Prayers for her family and friends! I met her through education workshops! She was fun to be around!

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