4 Reasons Why Now is The Best Time to Preplan

With fluctuating prices and unsettling events happening around the world at every turn, much of the future is uncertain. Preplanning your funeral is a way to take control of your future even amidst all of life’s unpredictability. Here at Lake Ridge Chapel & Memorial Designers, we encourage our neighbors throughout Lubbock to plan their funeral ahead of time, and there is no better time than now.


Preplanning helps put your mind at ease.

When you preplan with our funeral home, you can get your detailed wishes down in writing. This can relieve any stress you may feel about leaving these important decisions up to your children or loved ones. You’ll likely experience peace of mind knowing all the critical details have been thoughtfully considered and noted by our experienced staff members.


You’ll save your family the stress of planning your funeral.

Planning a loved one’s funeral is a detailed and often difficult undertaking, especially if you’re not entirely sure what type of funeral they’d prefer. Preplanning eliminates any guesswork from your funeral arrangements. You can feel confident your service will be carried out just the way you envision, from the flowers decorating the reception space to the location of the burial plot.


Preplanning lets you determine a budget ahead of time.

It’s common for families to overspend on their loved one’s funeral, as they’re likely confronted with intense feelings of grief. Making funeral arrangements in advance gives you the time to carefully consider your budget and the type of service that meets your needs.

Preplanning helps you avoid overspending, as you can decide exactly how much you’d like to spend on your service. You’ll know just how much your funeral will cost, and with us, you even have the option to prepay for your funeral, which saves your family the trouble of doing so later.


Your prearrangements will be safe and secure.

When you preplan with us, we’ll keep your file here in a safe place, so your wishes will be available when they’re needed. In the event of a move, your arrangements will travel with you, and we’ll transfer your file to the funeral home of your choice. Should you have need, you can also make changes to your service details whenever you like.


There are many advantages to organizing your final wishes ahead of time. To learn more about preplanning, we encourage families to take a look at our preplanning checklist to get a better idea of all the things they’ll need prior to making prearrangements. Contact us with any questions you have about preplanning your funeral or cremation with us.