Funeral Services

  • Funeral Etiquette: What to Do and What Not to Do

    Learning the ropes of how to behave appropriately at a funeral service can be tricky and possibly even awkward. As you navigate this process, remember that the family of the deceased person comes first. This is their time to show how important their loved one is to them and to express their love and appreciation […]

  • 4 Ways Funerals Are Changing

    “A traditional funeral doesn’t fit who I am. Can I plan a final farewell that’s more ‘me’?”   “I’d love for my friends and family to have a big party after my funeral. How can I make this happen?”   We meet with West Texas families every day at Lake Ridge Chapel & Memorial Designers […]

  • Does It Matter If I Attend the Funeral?

    Today, like never before, family and friends are spread out all over the country. School, jobs, or personal preferences can cause us to move hundreds or thousands of miles away from each other. Combine distance with work/family responsibilities and financial or health issues and getting together for a funeral can prove to be very difficult. […]

  • The First 5 Things You Should Do When a Loved One Dies

    If someone you love has just died, your head is probably spinning. Your life will never be the same, but there are some very practical things you need to handle. Here are the top five things the team at Lake Ridge Chapel & Memorial Designers says you need to do after losing someone close to […]

  • How to Know You’ve Chosen the Right Funeral Home

    Talk to anyone who has lost a loved one recently and they’ll likely mention how and why they selected a particular funeral home. Maybe their friend or family member put their own arrangements in place ahead of time, including their preference of funeral home. Maybe generations of family have turned to a certain funeral home […]

  • The Many Ways to Personalize a Loved One’s Farewell

    For many of the families we serve in Lubbock and the surrounding Texas communities, a memento of a loved one can be incredibly comforting in the days and months following a death. With many memorial items to choose from at Lake Ridge Chapel and Memorial Designers, you are sure to find something that represents your […]