August 2017 Newsletter


Summer is winding down, but you certainly can’t tell by the heat! It is the time that the kids go back to school, out-of-town visits slow down, and attendance picks up for our activities. Our committee has been busy planning for you, so our calendar is starting to fill up. This
month, we will be bringing our food items to the Lake Ridge Ladies dinner for Stop Senior Hunger. These items feed seniors on the weekend because many only eat when they are fed during the week by Meals on Wheels. The list of food items is listed in the bulletin under “Save the Date.” Lake Ridge Ladies embraced this project several years ago, and your contribution to help this cause is appreciated.

I chose the quote for this newsletter because it spoke to me at this time in my life. It was applicable to my life when I lost my husband as well as other times, but today the Lord showed it to me while writing this. I have been extremely frustrated lately with the inconvenience of my recovery from my foot surgery. Moving around on this scooter, I find myself wishing I could water my yard, drive, go downstairs to my office, swim in my pool, help my Dad……whine whine whine! I’m feeling this way while sitting in my recliner, writing my newsletter on a laptop that my friend brought me this morning along with breakfast before helping me water my yard. I love the quote, “Just when I think I have found the way to live, life changes.” Losing my husband was more than I could have ever prepared for. My life changed forever, but with the strength of my Heavenly Father, my faith, family and friends, I learned a new way of life.

Today, I am reminded that change is not foreign to me. What is important is how I handle it. I survived the worst before, and this knowledge encourages me to look around for all the blessings. God has blessed me with a wonderful life. I am grateful for the opportunity to have medical care so that when I’m healed, I can help others and be there for those that have been there for me. Today, I am so thankful for the words that the Lord put in front of me, not only to benefit me, but also to share with you in case you need them today as well.


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