Memorial Service Technology | Live Broadcast | Lubbock Texas

Lake Ridge Chapel & Memorial Designers realize all that has changed with the advent of technology and was the first funeral home in this area to introduce:

  • Live broadcast via the internet on our website of chapel services. Regardless of geographical, physical, or financial restrictions, anyone who wishes to attend a service should be able to do so.
  • The most up-to-date equipment throughout the facility and in our chapel, including HD camera, projector and large screen for ceremony videos, photographs, hymns, and you tube videos. We also provide equipment to help outsourced musicians with their instruments and wireless microphones.
  • With so many people using Facebook, we recognized the need to be where people are on the web and take advantage of all the tools available for families and friends to stay close during this difficult time.
  • The use of photographs and music to create a “Life Tribute”, a cinema movie display of a person’s life. Numerous large monitors are located throughout the facility displaying family memories during visitations and services.
  • Biometric facial and fingerprint scanning software to assist in preserving the deceased’s identity when cremation is the final disposition.
  • Free wifi available for all families.
  • Aromatherapy throughout our facility used to connect on an emotional and memorable level with our families.

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