Why Lake Ridge

Our mission is to improve the way a community walks with families throughout their journey. We provide a compassionate team with a willingness to serve, spacious facilities, and aftercare. Lake Ridge Chapel and Memorial Designers respects each family’s preferences, beliefs, wishes, and resources, and offer thoughtful arrangements, customized to families’ unique needs.

Lake Ridge | Lubbock Texas


Lake Ridge Chapel & Memorial Designers opened its doors in 2007 as an innovative leader, bringing a whole new generation of products and services to our community and the families we serve. And we continue that tradition of excellence by striving to find new ways to improve the way we walk with families throughout this journey.

Burial Options | Lake Ridge Chapel & Memorial Services


We are conveniently located in one of the fastest growing areas of the city, where families and their guests will feel comfortable and safe as they celebrate the lives of those they love.


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Spacious facilities and endless options for customization allow for beautiful funerals to honor your loved one’s life.

Dedicated Team Trained to Create, Assist, and Execute | Lubbock Texas


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Each of our employees is hired based on their integrity, compassion, willingness to serve, competence, and professionalism.

Cremation Specialists | Lubbock Texas


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We are the first funeral home with a crematory and ceremonial room combination in Lubbock County.

Catering & Receptions | Funeral Services | Lubbock Texas


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With our vast catering options, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Funeral GuestBooks | Lubbock Texas


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We were one of the first to offer personalized memorial folders and guestbooks.

Funeral Industry Leaders | Lubbock Texas


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At Lake Ridge Chapel & Memorial Designers, we realize how important technology is today.

Stream Funeral Services | Lubbock Texas


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We offer live streaming to ensure that loved ones who can’t make it to services can still take part.