6 Ways to Support a Widow on Valentine’s Day

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  1. Thank you for this article. I am a widow, my husband Donald passed away on Dec 30, 2019. I miss him so much. I did receive a Valentines day card from my sister in law Beth and brother Ken who live in Georgia, she always sends cards, so special a lady she is. And my friend Carol and her husband Steve came over on Valentines day and painted my kitchen. My husband was a smoker and the house is getting cleaned up from the smell. Two rooms done now, living room and the kitchen. I know God is with me always and I have that comfort.

    Pam Lundell I am so sorry for the loss of John. God bless you for sharing your message. I love you my dear Sister in Christ.

    Also thank you for PrayerWorks, I have posted a message for my pain and grief a number of times. I now need prayers for the medical bills that are coming in for Don’s stay at United Hospital. Thank you KTIS.

    Mary Agnes Smith

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